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Jennifer Baker reports on the European Union: Commission, Parliament, technology policy, regulation, and competition.

European Union (EU)

Rules that carriers must retain data called incompatible with EU law

Retention could be permitted under stricter rules

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Resistance to EU data protection law adds to red tape for Facebook, Google

European data protection supervisors call the proposed law into question

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EU lawmakers ask for help tackling copyright questions in the cloud era

The questionnaire also asks how to handle a growing second-hand digital market.

European Union (EU)

EU official says US data-sharing deals functioning well, but will be kept under scrutiny

Europe's Home Affairs Commissioner plans to keep a close eye on data-sharing deals with the U.S.

European Union (EU)

EU will not track terrorists' financial data due to data security concerns

The European Union will not set up a Terrorist Finance Tracking System (TFTS) due to concerns about data security.

European Union (EU)

EU will not suspend safe harbor data privacy agreement with the US

The European Commission said Wednesday it will not suspend the safe harbor agreement with the U.S. despite calls from the European Parliament.

European Union (EU)

EU one step closer to simplifying music licensing for streaming services

Pan-EU licensing would be a boost for online music providers, parliamentarians say.

China blamed for roadblock in IT tariff talks

International talks aimed at removing expensive international tariffs on information technology have broken down completely after China refused to compromise.

Survey: Most Europeans fear cybercrime but fewer take security measures

According to a Eurobarometer survey published on Friday, only 48 percent of Internet users have changed any of their online passwords during the past year.

European Union (EU)

Google rival says proposal to avoid an EU antitrust fine make matters worse

The leading complainant against Google in a European Union competition case said Friday that the search giant’s proposed solutions will “entrench, extend, and escalate its abusive practices”.

China drags out international talks on ICT tariffs

World Trade Organization talks aimed at removing expensive international tariffs on information technology will now continue until Friday after China continued to stall negotiations.

European Union (EU)

EU Parliament approves €7 billion to complete GPS projects

Funds will help to develop Galileo-enabled chipsets and receivers.

European Union (EU)

EU Parliament could block data sharing with the US

The European Parliament is demanding that E.U. citizens have legal recourse when their personal data is transferred to the U.S. before it OKs any data-sharing deal with the United States.

European Union (EU)

Official: EU net neutrality proposal threatens privacy

The proposed law leaves the door open for traffic management, says European data protection supervisor Peter Hustinx.

European Union (EU)

Google Images under fire in new EU antitrust complaint

A coalition of photographers and picture agencies submitted a formal antitrust complaint to the European Commission, alleging Google uses images without the rights holders' consent.