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With few options, companies increasingly yield to ransomware demands

Faced with few options, companies are increasingly ceding to cyberattackers' demands for payment after holding their stolen data hostage, while law enforcement struggles to catch nearly invisible foes.

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The latest Flash zero-day was used to spread Cerber ransomware

The latest zero-day vulnerability in Adobe Systems' Flash player has been used over the last few days to distribute ransomware called Cerber, email security vendor Proofpoint said.

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WhatsApp turns on end-to-end encryption

Facebook-owned WhatsApp has strengthened the encryption of its widely used instant messaging app, a development that in theory makes it harder for law enforcement to gain access to communications.

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Adobe plans emergency patch for nasty Flash vulnerability

Adobe is working on an emergency patch for its Flash Player after attackers are reportedly exploiting a critical flaw.


Server software poses soft target for ransomware

An alternate method for infecting computers with ransomware signals a shift in tactics by cybercriminals that could put businesses at greater risk, according to Symantec.

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Trump Hotels investigating possible payment card breach

The Trump Hotel Collection said on Monday it is working with the Secret Service and FBI to investigate a payment card breach, its second one in less than a year.


Website protection service CloudFlare aims to block fewer legitimate Tor users

CloudFlare is tweaking its systems to make it easier for legitimate Tor users to access websites that use its content delivery system.


MedStar Health partially restores services after suspected ransomware attack

MedStar Health said Wednesday it is restoring its computer systems following a cyberattack that reportedly involved file-encrypting malware.

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CNBC just collected your password and shared it with marketers

CNBC inadvertently exposed peoples' passwords after it ran an article Tuesday that ironically was intended to promote secure password practices.

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FireEye: Hackers are racing to infiltrate retail POS systems

Cybercriminals are redoubling efforts to steal payment card details from retailers before new defenses are put in place, according to FireEye.

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Large US healthcare provider's network shut down by malware

A large health care provider in the Washington, D.C., area said it has resorted to using paper transactions after malware crippled part of its network early Monday.

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Firmware bug in CCTV software may have given POS hackers a foothold

A researcher with RSA says faulty firmware found in security cameras sold by at least 70 vendors may be a contributor to many of the credit card breaches that have proved costly to retailers.

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Syrian Electronic Army hackers identified due to Facebook, Gmail carelessness

Three men who allegedly were part of a multi-year hacking campaign with the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) left a long digital trail that didn't make them hard to identify, according to court documents.


This bag of tricks may help stop a ransomware infection

A malware researcher has found a few tricks to stop one of the latest types of ransomware, called Locky, from infecting a computer without using any security programs.


Tor Project fortifies its software to quickly catch spies

The Tor Project is fortifying its software so that it can quickly detect if its network is tampered with for surveillance purposes, a top developer for the volunteer project wrote on Monday.