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hacking team

Sneaky new Mac malware suggests notorious spy vendor Hacking Team is back

Security researchers say they've analyzed a new piece of OS X malware likely linked to Hacking Team, the controversial Italian company that sells surveillance software to governments.

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With few options, companies pay hush money to data thieves

There's a disturbing new angle to cyberattacks that has become more common over the last year, and it is proving costly for organizations: extortion.


Tor users increasingly treated like second-class Web citizens

The Internet is becoming harder to browse for users of Tor, the anonymity network that provides greater privacy, according to a new study.

us china relations flag

Baidu web browsers leaked sensitive information, researchers say

Two web browsers developed by Chinese search giant Baidu have been insecurely transmitting sensitive data across the Internet, putting users' privacy at risk, according to a new study.

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Japan’s infrastructure probed by cybergroup, security firm says

A long-known group of cyberattackers have set Japanese organizations and companies in their sights in a resurgence of hacking activity, according to security vendor Cylance


CloudFlare launches secure domain name management service

CloudFlare has launched a domain name registration service with enhanced security controls designed to prevent domain hijacking, a serious attack that can have far-reaching consequences for companies.

150817 google marshmallow 04

Source code for powerful Android banking malware is leaked

The source code for a powerful Android malware program that steals online banking credentials has been leaked, according to researchers with IBM.

xbot android malware

A new Android trojan steals your banking info and holds your files ransom

A new kind of Android malware can steal online banking credentials and hold a device's files hostage for ransom, delivering a particularly nasty one-two punch.

What happens when Google Doc credentials are leaked on the Dark Web

A security company recently laid tempting bait online in order to see how hackers would react. The findings aren't surprising but show how quickly leaked data is used by shady characters.


Hospital pays $17,000 ransom to get access back to its encrypted files

A Los Angeles hospital has paid a $17,000 to cyberattackers who crippled its network by encrypting its files, a payment that will likely rekindle a fierce debate over how to deal with a problem known as ransomware.

locky ransomware

'Locky' ransomware, which infects like Dridex, hits the unlucky

A new flavor of ransomware, similar in its mode of attack to the notorious banking software Dridex, is causing havoc with some users.

craig newmark, craigslist

Craigslist fails to flag most scam rental ads, study finds

Craigslist, the popular online listings service, has waged a long fight against scammers, but a new academic study suggests it's losing the battle.

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Malware targets all Android phones -- except those in Russia

A malware program for Android seen advertised on Russian underground forums in the last few months appears to have made its first big debut.


Attackers try to compromise Magento with a fake patch

Attackers are still trying to find Magento installations that haven't patched a particularly bad vulnerability, this time trying to deliver malware that has been renamed as a patch.

ransomware hardware security embedded circuit board integrated controller

Hackers of two Ukrainian utilities probably hit mining and railroad targets, too

The attackers who crippled Ukrainian power operators in December probably committed attacks shortly before against a mining company and a railway operator, Trend Micro said Thursday.