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benchmark android primary

Test your Android phone's performance with these free benchmarking tools

These 8 apps tell you everything you need to know about your Android device, and they don’t cost a dime.

Android Lollipop

Android 5.0 Lollipop FAQ: What you need to know about Google’s biggest release yet

The future is almost here for the Android platform, and it's sweeter than sugar on a stick.

Revoke Tweet Deck access for Twitter

How to keep the XSS TweetDeck bug from posting on your behalf

The XSS Hole in TweetDeck is more than a nuisance. If you're a user of the popular Twitter client, here's how to protect yourself, step by step.

benchmarkroundup primary

Just how fast is your PC? These benchmark tools can share insights

Just how fast is your computer? Is your laptop's battery up to snuff? Find out with one of these programs.

androidphones resize 2

Android hardware husbandry: Taking care of your precious phone or tablet

Hey, it’s not always about the OS. Your Android hardware will perform better and last longer if you follow a few simple best practices.

Now panic and freak out: The best PC horror games

If you can't find something here that terrifies you, you're probably already dead.

Share, snapshot, and stream your games with these 7 tools

Games are better with friends (or at least when you're proving your chops to admiring strangers). These tools let you broadcast your gaming prowess. Now go out on the Net and get your game on.

Edit Minion screenshot

EditMinion review: Improve your writing's style and grammar with this Web tool

Cut, paste, cringe. Edit Minion presents your writing errors and infelicities to you so that you can fix them.

After the Deadline screenshot

After the Deadline review: Every writer needs an editor, and this one works for free

Free add-on After the Deadline works in Chrome, Firefox, OpenOffice, or Wordpress to make your words sing.

Write or Die screenshot 580x388

Write or Die review: Write, or be punished for your crimes

It's easy for aspiring writers to give up simply because there's no pressure to write. Write or Die goads you towards literary succees by displaying obnoxious stimuli when you fail to meet your goals.

Sonar3 screenshot

Sonar3 review: Track submitted manuscripts, publications, and payments

One of the greatest tools on an author's bench is the one that helps to sell articles or stories. Free software Sonar3 tracks submissions and accepts a great deal of detail about each work and each market.

celtx screenwriting software

Celtx review: Professional screenwriting software at starving-artist prices

Powerful, cross-platform writing tool Celtx Plus includes most of the features a screenwriter needs at a fraction of Final Draft's price. The free Celtx works neatly for personal screenwriting projects.

Final Draft 8 for Windows

Final Draft 8 for Windows review: Screenwriting software ready for its close-up

Unleash your Oscar-worthy script ideas with this longtime favorite screenplay program.

Slender: The Arrival screenshot

Review: Slender: The Arrival expands on the original, but it's still not enough

Varied environments and added game mechanics help, but horror game Slender: The Arrival still comes up a bit short.

Slender The Eight Pages screenshot

Review: The gaming is thin in free survival horror Slender: The Eight Pages

Running from urban legend Slenderman is creepy fun, but threadbare gameplay limits this game's long-term appeal. It's an excellent proof-of-concept, though, and it's free.