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Cybercrooks turn to other exploits after Blackhole bust

Criminals are having trouble finding anything with the capabilities to take its place, security firm Websense has noticed.

Typos online aren't just a hassle,they're a hazard

Some clever cybercrooks and scammers are running domains with slightly misspelled names of known security firms.


Less phishing, but better targeting in 2013, report says

Websense identifies the top come-ons and scams that still seem to work.

Gmail's revised image-handling criticized as risky, intrusive

Google says the way Gmail handles images is more secure, but some suggest the method is potentially a spammer's delight.


Blackhole malware creator in custody, Russia confirms

Russian police have confirmed arrest of a man they believe to be the notorious "blackhole" hacker.

Dozens of zero-day flaws exist for exploit daily, report says

NSS Labs calculates that cybercriminals have access to 100 zero-day flaws on any day, with more than half affecting major vendors.


Windows XP flaw allows attacks via Adobe, security firm says

A new zero day flaw in Windows XP and Server 2003 is being exploited in the wild to bypass the sandbox on unpatched versions of Adobe Reader, security firm FireEye reports.

Malware ransom drops to keep pace with Bitcoin price surge

The purveyors of the Cryptolocker Trojan have lowered their ransom demands in light of the soaring value of their preferred currency, Bitcoins, a security firm reports.


Privacy International begins tracking surveillance industry

Activist group Privacy International has launched an ambitious project to track the spread of commercial surveillance, spying, and tracking technology and the often secretive firms selling into the booming sector.

Verizon readies cloud systems to support 'Internet of Things'

Eager to be part of the so-called Internet of Things, Verizon has announced a cloud system designed to authenticate the billions of devices that might one day populate it.

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FBI posts $50,000 reward for 'Lover Spy' malware writer

The FBI has offered large rewards for information that could help catch accused cybercriminals who have been wanted for years.

Cybercrooks shift tactics in DDoS attacks, researchers say

The shuddering effectiveness of the DNS reflection DDoS attack on Spamhaus this March is a forewarning of a growing criminal interest in the technique, new figures from mitigation firm Prolexic have suggested.

Security firm warns of pervasive Mevade botnet

Hundreds of global organizations have been infected by a Russian botnet as part of a cybercrime campaign that could be connected to the mysterious traffic spike that hit the Tor anonymity system in August, security firm Websense says.

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Windows 8 users double down on antivirus protection

Microsoft's integration of Windows Defender into Windows 8 seems to have little effect on the desire of users to install standalone security software, new figures from security management firm OPSWAT have shown.

Brace for stronger DDoS attacks, security firm warns

The average size of DDoS attacks is still climbing with the number breaching 20Gbps around four times the level seen a year ago, according to Arbor Networks.