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Bitcoin's viability is threatened criminal use, McAfee warns

The idealism and convenience behind virtual currencies such as Bitcoin is at risk of being undermined as abuse by professional criminals grows to unacceptable levels, a report by security firm McAfee has argued.

Bitdrop app beats NSA surveillance with anonymous encrypted file transfers

A small Swiss app developer has invented what it claims is a way to securely and anonymously transfer files between a browser and a mobile device without having to leave any traces of the user's identity, device ID or location.

Malwarebytes puts antivirus cleanup program on a USB stick

Malwarebytes has invented a USB stick that can plug into any PC to automate the process of finding, logging, and cleaning up a range of malware.


Failure to patch leaves many WordPress sites vulnerable

Poor updating and sometimes no updating is leaving large numbers of WordPress websites open to exploitation in cybercriminal campaigns, security experts report.


Windows Phone grabs one in ten smartphone sales in Europe

Windows Phone is finally making sales headway; the platform was the choice of nearly one of every ten smartphone sales across Europe's five largest markets during the summer.

British teen suspected in massive Spamhaus DDoS attack

Police secretly arrested a London-based teen last April in connection with the huge DDoS attack on anti-spam organization Spamhaus.


Symantec identifes 'Hidden Lynx' as hackers co-op

Security experts at Symantec say a single Chinese hacking group called "Hidden Lynx" is involved in a recent series of high-profile cyberattacks on U.S. interests.

BlackBerry offers Messenger app to Android, Apple users

BlackBerry is this weekend releasing BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) for download by Android and Apple smartphone users.

Aged, vulnerable Java, Flash abound, Websense finds

Businesses are still ignoring the threat posed by out-of-date versions of Java, with barely one in five running the latest version during August, security firm Websense has reported.

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Android Trojan appears to launch off earlier botnet

The Obad.a Android Trojan identified in June turns out to have the innovative and predatory capability to piggyback on malware botnets.


Chrome, Firefox edge IE in browser reliability test

Recent versions of Google's Chrome and Mozilla's Firefox are measurably less prone to crashes and errors than Microsoft's Internet Explorer 10, a new analysis by applications testing firm Sauce Labs has found.

Windows 8 users prefer third-party antivirus to bundled tool

Microsoft's Security Essentials (MSE) remains a hugely popular consumer antivirus product but new figures suggest that its Windows 8 successor, Defender, is losing out to third-party alternatives.

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Middle Eastern 'Molerats' hackers step up attacks

A wave of cyberattacks against Israeli and Middle Eastern targets this summer was the work of a highly active but shadowy hacktivist group that has started using Remote Access Trojans, security firm FireEye has warned.

Is Windows 8 a Trojan horse for the NSA? The German Government thinks so

The German Government is now deeply suspicious that the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) technology built into a growing number of Windows 8 PCs and tablets is creating a gigantic back door for NSA surveillance, leaked documents have suggested.

Google boosts bounties for Chromium bug-hunters

Google is increasing the rewards it offers to bug hunters on its Chromium Vulnerability Rewards program to $5000 for those previously rated at $1000, saying the system is proving effective.