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5g faq

5G FAQ: What you need to know about the future of wireless networks

An FAQ on the next big thing in wireless technology: 5G.

unbuntu bday

Celebrating 12 years of Ubuntu: A look back at a Linux flagbearer

Founder Mark Shuttleworth announced the first public release of Ubuntu – version 4.10, or “Warty Warthog” – on Oct. 20, 2004. Here's a look back at the history of Ubuntu, one of open-source software’s biggest public standard-bearers

wifi wi fi

FAQ: What's so special about 802.11ad Wi-Fi?

Here are the broad strokes about 802.11ad, the wireless technology that’s just starting to hit the market.

top fastest supercomputers 1

Behold, the 10 most powerful supercomputers ever created

It’s that time again – the latest supercomputer power rankings have a mighty new champion. These are the 10 most powerful supercomputers in the world.

Mobile phone data privacy.

Sirin Labs to sell mysterious SP1 phone for the privacy conscious

An international group of investors announced today that Sirin Labs, a startup with $72 million in venture funding, is planning to create a smartphone that combines premium performance and functionality with strong privacy protection.

wi fi 80211ax

FAQ: Everything you need to know about 802.11ax Wi-Fi

The next big new thing in Wi-Fi networks will boast groundbreaking technology, but it might not arrive for a couple years yet.

four years raspberry pi 1

The evolution of the Raspberry Pi, from concept to Raspberry Pi 3

Four years, half a dozen models and zero signs of slowing down.

rasberry pi holidays 1

Bask in 12 glorious days of Raspberry Pi-mas

It’s the most wonderful Pi of the year….

top fastest supercomputers 1

The 10 mightiest, most powerful supercomputers in the world

The year’s last Top500 supercomputer rankings are out, and two newcomers have become members of the top 10.

Cell tower, telecommunication

Wi-Fi Alliance tries to win consumer support as LTE-U showdown looms

The Wi-Fi Alliance, an industry group that certifies Wi-Fi products for interoperability, has highlighted the importance of the technology to the daily lives of Americans ahead of a testing summit that will try to shed some light on potential conflicts between Wi-Fi and a carrier technology called LTE-U.

102715 mozilla

Mozilla will donate $1 million to open-source software

The Mozilla Foundation pledged contribute $1 million to various open-source software projects under the auspices of the new Mozilla Open-Source Support program.