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Ad injectors replace website ads on major sites, study says

Rogue web plug-ins that inject their own content over the top of legitimate ads are still in widespread use by unscrupulous advertisers, and several major networks are keeping them in business, according to a recent study.

Linux users cope with vampire mice, zombie hard drives

A Linux kernel developer described the problem posed by vampire mice at a LinuxCon North America presentation.


Raspberry Pi-powered camera network protects wildlife

The Kenya Wildlife Service has a powerful new tool in its fight against the poachers who threaten endangered species living in the country's most remote areas: a high-tech network of custom cameras called Instant Wild that can instantly locate illegal activity as well as keep tabs on nearby animals.

When Tesla Model S logs on, will hackers happily pounce?

Once a car is linked to the Internet, it could, in theory, be accessed by malicious hackers who could control some functions of the vehicle and even track it without the owner's knowledge.

Malware virus

Linux Trojan 'Hand of Thief' found on the malware market

Desktop Linux users have been relatively malware-free, but an RSA researcher has identified the "Hand of Thief" Trojan, which specifically targets Linux.

The tech behind EVE Online's 'Battle of 6VDT,' the biggest brouhaha in gaming history

One system, four thousand players, 2,500 ships destroyed, and an untold number of weapons discharged: EVE Online's Battle of 6VDT was a beast. Here's how developer CCP kept the slaughter from melting its servers.

Image Credit: Louis Gray / Google+

Jelly Bean tops Gingerbread as dominant Android version

The latest major version of Android, known as Jelly Bean, is now the most widely used variant of the platform, according to new statistics from Google.

Intel's new Haswell chips may be hot, but not in a good way

Early tests, online discussions and even some OEMs seem to show a potential bump in the road for Intel's latest-generation processor architecture -- a bump you can see on a temperature graph.

Android update-watchers claim a sighting of Android 4.3

Google is a shameless tease about possible updates to Android, as its eager users lust after Android 4.3; they report spotting a hint.

Right to unlock smartphones finds support in Congress

A 2012 decision not to renew a long-standing exception to the Digital Millenium Copyright Act drew heavy public criticism.

Internet freedom group blasts proposed HTML5 standards

The Electronic Frontier Foundation says that stringent digital rights management technology will be harmful to online freedom.