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Jon is a Juilliard-trained musician, former x86/6800 programmer, and long-time (late 70s) computer enthusiast living the San Francisco bay area.

visiontek pocketssd all

Visiontek USB 3.0 Pocket SSD review: Convenient form factor, fast reads, slow writes

The Visiontek USB 3.0 Pocket SSD is great for distributing the same data across multiple computers, but is little better, and a lot more expensive, than a hard drive for backup.

thinkpad stack sh05

Thinkpad Stack review: Lenovo's unique stackable peripherals are made for travel

The Stack is a great idea marred by a meh implementation.

fg 2

Asus Zen AiO Z240IC Review: A high-res all-in-one with class. Like, you know... an iMac

The Asus Zen AiO Z240IC comes impressively close to mathcing the iMac's elegance.

eg9600 750x480 lg oled

OLED vs LED: There's just no comparison

A simple explanation of the technology used in OLED TVs.


276e6adss 00 rtp global 001

Philips 276E display review: Quantum dots make this display's color impressively rich

With a layer of quantum dots in front of the LED backlighting, the Philips 276E shows colors you'd forgotten existed.

apple tv

VLC for Apple TV review: Goodbye format woes

If there’s a codec VLC doesn’t support, we haven’t found it.

samsung 950 pro ssd 512gb

Samsung 950 Pro NVMe SSD review: Stacked NAND, stacked performance

If you're looking for an M.2 upgrade, this is the drive to have.

lg 65uf9500

Our 4K UHD Smart TV buyers' guide and roundup: Shopping advice plus hands-on reviews

We cover the most important features you should look for in a smart TV and evaluate four new models.

sony x850c android smart tv

Sony 55X850C 4K LCD smart TV review: Great picture, good sound, but some minor bugs

Android TV support lends this TV lots of flexibility.


TCL's Roku TV

TV tech terms demystified, part three: Color standards, definitions

Don't be befuddled by the alphabet soup of acronyms, spec charts, and feature lists you'll encounter when shopping for a new TV. This guide series explains it all in plain language.



Toshiba Q300 SSD review: Not the bargain it should be

Though a decent performer most of the time with small data sets, the Q300 slows to the pace of a hard drive when writing large files. Worst of all, it's not priced appropriately.

crucial bx200 2 5inch ssd dynamic

Crucial BX200 SSD review: Good for casual users, but not for slinging extra-large files

For light-duty computing, the BX200 is a good SSD. But stress it by writing lots of files and it slows to a crawl.