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Jonathan is a freelance tech writer living in Dublin, Ireland. He's previously written for sites like, BBC News, and Motherboard covering everything from cyber security to start-ups and the internet of things to drones.

Fintech is the latest niche to become hot for bespoke training

As prestigious intuitions worldwide launch fintech courses, we take a look at what they offer

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How the new age of antivirus software will protect your PC

Antivirus software ain't what it used to be. As the threats to our PC security evolve, we need new solutions that can keep up. Here's what the future of protection looks like.

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This is what your messaging app needs to be truly secure

You may love your messaging app, but your messaging app may not love your security. These are the features to look for to protect yourself.

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Phone hackers for hire: A peek into the discreet, lucrative business tapped by the FBI

When the FBI paid someone to crack the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone, it didn’t just deftly bypass Apple’s objections. It also made the public aware of the business side of hacking—a business that is apparently as lucrative as it is discreet.

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Spotty Android encryption is the story behind the story of Apple’s battle with the FBI

Google has tried and largely failed so far to make encryption a standard on Android phones, an increasingly uncomfortable situation now that they're targets for law enforcement.

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Online privacy: 3 ways to ward off cyber criminals and snoops

Keep yourself safe with these online security tips, from anonymous browsing to hiding your digital tracks.

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How to make bad passwords better, and more hope for the future of authentication

We know passwords are a pain. We're not expecting miracles. But these tips can keep you from the dumbest mistakes. .

why stolen laptops still cause data breaches

Why stolen laptops still cause data breaches, and what's being done to stop them

It just takes one lost laptop to ruin a company's security. Some firms have solid plans for managing the risk. Does yours?