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Katherine Noyes has been an ardent geek ever since she first conquered Pyramid of Doom on an ancient TRS-80. Today she covers enterprise software in all its forms, with an emphasis on cloud computing, big data, analytics and artificial intelligence.

Quantum Computing MagLab

This new discovery could put quantum computers within closer reach

Quantum bits are prone to magnetic disturbances, but on Wednesday scientists announced a new discovery that could help solve the problem.

SSL padlock icon security

How far have we come with HTTPS? Google turns on the spotlight

Aiming to shed some light on how much progress has been made so far, Google on Tuesday launched a new section of its transparency report dedicated to encryption.

Google Analytics 360

Google woos enterprise marketers with a new analytics suite

The Google Analytics 360 Suite is a set of integrated data and marketing analytics tools designed to help enterprise marketers reach customers with the right message at the right time.

Noodle Analytics Noodle.ai Stephen Pratt AI data science

So long, Watson - hello, Noodle: Ex-IBMer launches AI firm for enterprises

Billed as "the enterprise artificial intelligence company," Noodle Analytics is built on the premise that AI is the next big thing that will set companies apart.


Dropbox takes the reins, moves off AWS and onto its own infrastructure

After years of relying on the Amazon cloud to store its users' files, Dropbox has shifted gears and begun using primarily its own technology instead.

20160224 stock mwc hpe booth sign 2

Need machine learning? HPE just launched a new service with more than 60 APIs

If 2015 was the year analytics tools became ubiquitous in enterprise software, 2016 is shaping up to do much the same for machine learning.

150914 salesforce dreamforce 2

Sales reps can now tap Salesforce's predictive CRM smarts in Outlook

Almost exactly a year ago Salesforce launched an app that brings CRM data into Microsoft's Outlook email software, and on Thursday it made a like-minded move with its SalesforceIQ Inbox product for what it calls "relationship intelligence."

HTTP Internet website

Tired of waiting for websites to load? This new tech can cut the time by more than half

Slow-loading Web pages are surely one of the top frustrations on the Internet today, but new technology from MIT and Harvard promises to change all that.

Home Depot

Home Depot will pay up to $19.5 million for massive 2014 data breach

Home Depot has agreed to pay as much as $19.5 million to remedy the giant data breach it suffered in 2014, the company confirmed on Tuesday.

nemesis las vegas machine learning

Algorithm reads tweets to figure out which restaurants make you sick

A new app called nEmesis uses machine learning to help stop the spread of foodborne illnesses.

A Go board with game in play.

It's AI vs. humans in this week's history-making Go face-off

When IBM's Deep Blue beat chess champion Garry Kasparov back in 1997, the world was agog over AI's potential. This week, Google DeepMind's AlphaGo system will face an even tougher test in a series of matches against a top-ranked master in the ancient game of Go.

mit building 10 great dome cambridge massachusetts

MIT's new 5-atom quantum computer could make today's encryption obsolete

Much of the encryption world today depends on the challenge of factoring large numbers, but this week scientists said they've created the first five-atom quantum computer with the potential to crack the security of traditional encryption schemes.

Donald Trump

This wacky Twitterbot uses deep learning to out-Trump Trump

Anyone who's ever shaken their head over the utterances coming out of Donald Trump's mouth will surely be glad to know that they're now being improved with deep learning. The only catch: It's not Trump doing the learning, but rather a Twitter robot.

duke health nicolelis primate brain machine interface1

This new wireless tech lets monkeys control a wheelchair using just their thoughts

New wireless technology makes it possible for monkeys to control a robotic wheelchair using just their thoughts without the need to be hooked up via EEG electrodes on the scalp to a connected computer.

ibm watson on jeopardy

5 things you need to know about AI buzzwords: cognitive, neural, and deep, oh my!

There's never any shortage of buzzwords in the IT world, but when it comes to AI, they can be hard to tell apart.