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mimo onesie

Mimo's baby monitor could soothe anxious parents' fears

Mimo's infant tracker keeps tabs on your baby's vitals, and takes the traditional baby monitor to the next level.


sugarlab 2

ChefJet 3D printer is the sweetest thing we saw at CES

Think 3D printing is just for plastic knick-knacks? Think again. This one lets you print delicious sweets. Want.

Easily find free ebooks

Looking to expand your summer reading list? Here's where you can find ebooks that won't cost you a dime.

Tech Tip: Getting a password manager

Having a hard time keeping all your password information straight? A password manager can take the guesswork out of logging in.

3d robotics quadcopter

3D Robotics $700 quadcopter draws interest at drone show

3D Robotics gave a sneak preview of a comparatively cheap consumer drone at an unmanned aircraft convention in San Francisco this week.


App vulnerabilities under scrutiny at upcoming security conference

With the Blackhat conference kicking off this coming Saturday, application safety figures to be a major focus. In this video report, we look at a recently announced Android vulnerability.

Chocolate making becomes sweeter thanks to tech

In this video report, we look at how San Francisco chocolate maker Tcho is putting technology to work in its efforts to come up with sweet treats.

Silicon Valley sounds off on government surveillance

News that the government is monitoring emails and Web searches has everyone talking in our video report.

Scheduling some time with Booker's service management platform

We take a look at how a San Francisco Spa uses Booker to see when guests book online, log time cards, and manage both clients and employees.

Send GIFs using your iPhone

Did you know you could send a GIF via your iPhone's Message app? After this week's Tech Tip, you will.


Master basic Instagram tips and tricks

Want to get more out of Instagram. In this video, we'll show you a few quick tips that will save you time and draw more followers.