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Scenes from a Microsoft store opening

What drew the crowds to a Microsoft Store in San Francisco this week? Would you believe Blake Shelton tickets?

GDC Wrap-Up: The sights and the sounds of the game makers' conference

We close the books on last week's Game Developers Conference with a profile of some of the more unique looks we saw on the GDC show floor.

Up close with Intel's perceptual computing technology

Intel was at this week's Game Developers Conference in San Francisco to showcase perceptual computing, which combines a webcam and software to let users interact with games and other types of applications. Here's a video demonstration of what Intel is showing off.

Video: How to secure your home Wi-Fi network

In this Tech Tip video, we'll show you how to do more than just set a password to restrict access to your Wi-Fi network.

Move your bookmarks easily between computers

What do you do if you buy a new computer and want to easily move all your old bookmarks over to the new one? In this video how-to, we'll show you two ways to export bookmarks and then upload them into a browser on your new machine.