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Kevin is a small-time tech hound, amateur photographer, and a general know-at-least-something of all things geeky hailing from New York.

Made in Oakland: How one city turned into an art and maker mecca

The Oakland maker scene is leading city-level change that will affect the future landscape of Oakland for industrial artists, small local businesses, and even the future of manufacturing in the Bay Area.

Here’s the entire cast of Final Fantasy VII 3D-printed into real life

As Barret Wallace would say, "!@#$%^&*!!" Here’s the entire Final Fantasy 7 rendered into blocky, low-polygon reality thanks to 3D printing.

Meet the flying man: Martin jetpack approved for manned test flights

The jet-setting future is here. A New Zealand jetpack-making outfit gets approved for manned test flights, and hopes to make it personal propulsion pack you can buy in 2015.

Mens Amplio is a Burning Man project that turns your thoughts into pyrotechnics

The Mens Amplio is larger-than-life interactive art piece that translates your thoughts into LED lighting and fiaaaah.

All You Can Arcade lets you rent the arcade machine of your childhood dreams

Missing arcade machine bleeps and bloops in your life? All You Can Arcade is a new vintage entertainment cabinet rental service that lets you bring your childhood favorites home.

DIY biohackers play with bacteria at Genspace, a community science lab

GeekTech visits Genspace, a community biolab that opens it doors to non-scientist types who want to get into biotechnology and biohacking.

'Listen to Wikipedia' turns heated edit wars into soothing music

Who knew the free flow of information could sound so beautiful? Listen to Wikipeida turns the collaborative trade of crowdsourced information into a symphony of data.

Renting an ArduSat space satellite might be cheaper than your vacation rental car

In the near future, you might be able to run your own experiments in space without spending millions on a rocket to launch a satellite.

Emerging Objects has big, bold plans for 3D-printed rooms

A small Oakland-based company is out to make things out of wood, ceramic, newspaper, and even cement—and build structures with it, too.

Wow: Check out the most detailed images of a sunspot ever

Don’t spew out your morning coffee when you look at the most amazing and precise images of our sun and its pockmarks.

Stop everything and go watch this Lego-fied 'Adventure Time' opening

Doing anything important? It's not important enough. Watch this infinitesimally amazing Lego veriosn of the Adventure Time opening right now.

Scientists turn coffee into booze, stop short of recreating Four Loko

Turning coffee into alcohol into booze! Why didn’t we do this sooner?

Scientists use electricity to turn gelatinous gels into tiny machines

Scientists at the North Carolina State University play with electricity and soft hydrogels to create tiny, organic machines that could revolutionize the medical world.

MakerPlane is an open source airplane you could build at home

Building a plane is too much work to do yourself! MakerPlane wants to make building aircraft as easy as downloading plans at home and fabricating the parts at your local hackerspace.

3D printing is coming to a UPS Store near you

After acquiring MakerBot, Stratasys makes its first consumer 3D printing push by partnering with UPS.