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Curiosity's onboard computer catches a cold, needs to reboot to a backup system

Curiosity runs into a major malfunction, NASA scientists swaps out its primary computer.

Meet the future of manufacturing: A look inside Solidoodle’s 3D printing factory

We visit the Solidoodle factory to get a glimpse of the future of 3D printing in manufacturing.

Galaxy NGC 1365's supermassive black hole spins at nearly the speed of light

NASA scientists discover supermassive black holes spins twice as fast as our sun and nearly at the speed of light.

Software engineering program coming soon to 20 NYC public schools

Software Engineering Pilot program launches at 20 NYC schools next year.

3D prints get the spa treatment to remove unsightly molding lines

These days, you can 3D-print just about anything you could imagine, including guitars and even the backside of your smartphone. The only problem with 3D printed objects, though, is that they still look pretty rough, even if the individual layers are a tenth of a millimeter thick.

Curiosity wishes you were on Mars (and other stuff you missed)

Useless lab equipment, multi-booting comes to Raspberry Pi, and other stuff you missed.

STRaND-1 is the first smartphone-powered satellite launched into space

The first ever smartphone-powered satellite launches into space equipped with a Google Nexus One.

CyanogenMod 10.1 adds HDR photography to many Android devices

CyanogenMod 10.1 adds HDR functionality to almost every android device.

Interactive map shows every meteor to hit Earth in the last 4300 years

Here’s a map that shows every recorded meteorite strike on Earth since 2300 BC.

The best Harlem Shake videos you will ever see (and other stuff you missed)

DIY Sun photography, a huge Star Wars replica of Hoth, and other stuff you missed.

Hands on with the HTC One

We go hands on with HTC's latest flagship phone to see if it's hip or all hype.

Obama has plans for a brain-mapping project that rivals the Human Genome Project

The Obama Administration may be preparing to unveil a decade-long project to map the inner workings of the brain.

HTC One has a super-sharp screen; arrives in late March

HTC announces its new HTC One smartphone with a 1080p screen, an Ultrapixel camera, and more.

Can the console stay relevant in the new era of gaming?

With the PlayStation 4 announcement coming next week, we take a look at the competition, where consoles have gone, and where they need to go.