Kevin LeeContributor, TechHive

Kevin is a small-time tech hound, amateur photographer, and a general know-at-least-something of all things geeky hailing from New York.

The key to regrowing limbs could be stem cells underneath your fingernails

A NYU scientists discovers new stem cells underneath your fingernails that could help you regrow flesh and even bone.

Go inside MakerBot’s new 3D printer factory and see where people build the machine

We take a tour of MakerBot’s brand new 50,000 square foot factory.

Ew, ew, ew: RoboRoach lets you control cybernetic cockroaches with your iPhone

RoboRoach could be your first super-gross cybernetics project: It lets you take control of cybernetic cockroaches with an iPhone.

Lightsaber knitting needles let your balls of yarn battle epic duels

These lightsaber knitting needles are perfect for the crafty, Star Wars nerd.

Lego Segway is the nerdiest way to roll around

Stop everything you’re doing and check out this Lego Segway Simon Burfield built.

Think you can fly? Now you can with a thought controlled quadrocopter

University of Minnesota researchers develop a thought-controlled drone. What could possibly go wrong?

UDOO is quad-core computer-on-a-stick that also does everything Arduino

The UDOO is a mini computer board does everything: Android, Linux, Arduino. It slices, it dices…you get the idea.

Computer program creates 8-bit art by playing a game of Tetris

This amazing algorithm draws video game characters using Tetris.

Shapeways launches a new soft, squishy 3D printing material

Shapeways introduces a new flexible 3D printing material that you can squish.

Going to Mars? Expect dangerously high radiation levels along the way

Curiosity relays new radiation findings from its trip to Mars that would end the careers of Mars bound astronauts, NASA considers redesign on extraplanetary exploring spacecraft.

3D printing could lead to bionic brain chips, microscopic toy bunnies

This micro-sized charred bunny could be the first step towards 3D printed bionic brain chips.

Grumpy Cat to star in her first Hollywood movie, give Garfield a run for his money

Grumpy Cat will star in Garfield-inspired family comedy Hollywood film.

Arduino's first robotics kit is here, and it's a seriously mean open-source machine

It’s finally here! Arduino brings out its first-ever robot kit on wheels, and it’s on sale now!


Raspberry Pi goes to space, brings back photos of Earth

Raspberry Pi takes a trip to space, snaps photos of Earth, returns to terra firma.

Biosensor cradle turns your iPhone into a medical tricorder

Researchers create an iPhone biosensor cradle that could give doctors a cheaper, portable medical testing machine.