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Kevin is a small-time tech hound, amateur photographer, and a general know-at-least-something of all things geeky hailing from New York.

Project Unity combines 15 retro consoles into one epic mashup system

Hardware hacker Bacteria completes his epic Unity project, crams 15 retro consoles in one system.

DARPA makes an indoor GPS chip that's smaller than a penny

DARPA’s new navigation tool is smaller than a penny, helps you get around with indoor GPS.

3D printing comes to phones and games at MakerBot's first hackathon

On the hunt for better, similar, and cooler 3D printing applications. MakerBot hosts it’s first ever hackathon.

Hyperlapse turns Google Street View into beautiful time-lapse motion videos

Hyperlapse is a Web app that turns Google Street View trips into moving time-lapse videos.

3D scanner scans objects from over a half mile away, watches the grass grow

UK scientists make a laser-based scanner that works more half a mile away from an object and creates high-definition 3D models.

A cicada invasion is coming to New York (and other stuff you missed)

A year of NASA photos of Earth, a Tetris game on the side of a building, and other stuff you missed.

Revisit Jurassic Park in blocky, non-3D Minecraft

Josh Collin recreates Jurassic Park, gives a tour of the most awe-inspiring amusement park in film.

Nuclear fusion rocket could get astronauts to Mars in 30 days

University of Washington researchers are working to develop a fusion rocket that could dramatically reduce the travel time of Mars missions.

EyeFly film adds glasses-free 3D to your iPhone 5

This EyeFly screen protector brings glasses-free 3D to the iPhone 5. The film is coming soon to the fourth-generation iPad and Samsung Galaxy S4.

Kindle and Raspberry Pi join forces in this wireless terminal hack

Kindleberry Wireless combines Raspberry Pi and Kindle hacks together into one great portable, wireless hackstation.

University of Notre Dame students 3D-print a living animal's skeleton

University of Notre Dame students show you how to 3D-print the skeleton of a living animal.

Los Angeles synchronizes all its traffic lights, lets a computer control the roads

Noticed a faster commute in LA? Thank the fully computerized and synchronized traffic light system that now controls the city streets.

Review: Ms. ‘Splosion Man is an explosively fun platformer for iOS

Explosions solve everything. Twisted Pixel’s Ms. ‘Splosion Man comes to iOS to test your lightening reflexes and puzzle solving skills.

NYC payphones take you back in time (and other stuff you missed)

April Fool's Day is over, so it’s safe to believe in what you read on the Internet again. Well, most of it, anyway. While some parts of the Web hosted hoaxes all day, there was also a fair share of real news. Here is just a sampling of what you might have missed.

Review: Shoot Many Robots brings side-scrolling robot shooting to Android

Shoot Many Robots is an endless side scrolling shooting platformer that’s full of fun style.