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Laura Blackwell's title is PCWorld Downloads Editor, but she can't keep her hands off cloud software, either.

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Meet Slack, a chat tool with collaboration talent to spare

Save your team from the chaotic mishmash of email, chat, and other discrete communication tools. Slack's file sharing and its ability to integrate cloud services make sharing information much easier.

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Afterlife of an MMO: Glitch's offbeat art enters public domain

Acclaimed oddball MMO Glitch wasn't commercially viable, but its art and other assets were too good to leave alone. Tiny Speck has made more than 10,000 pieces of art, animations, and code available under a Creative Commons license.

Cut the snark and save your job: How not to gripe online

Thanks to instant messaging, social media, and other technology, workplace gripes can follow you for the rest of your career. Here's how to save yourself from your own imprudent remarks.

Everything will be all right: Apps and services for improving mental health

Is your online life getting you down? Cheer up—there's a friendlier Web out there.

Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time will not arrive on time

PopCap Games will delay the release of iOS of the sequel to the beloved flower defense game Plants vs. Zombies. We look at videos, images, and existing games while we nurture the seeds of longing.


Flickr co-founder once again bounces from games to business

Flickr rose from the ashes of Game Neverending. Flickr co-founder Stewart Butterfield's new business software, inspired by the behind-the-scenes work of his company Tiny Speck, took the forefront when he shuttered his more recent MMO, Glitch.

Neil Gaiman sets Twitter ablaze with fan collaboration

With A Calendar of Tales, beloved writer Neil Gaiman opened the floodgates to collaboration not just with artists and filmmakers, but also with his 1.8 million Twitter followers. This BlackBerry Keep Moving project inspired diverse participants to create, and serves as an example for sparking (and sharing) artistic inspiration.