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Lex uses a MacBook Pro, an iPhone 5, an iPad mini, a Kindle 3, a TiVo HD, and a treadmill desk, and loves them all. His latest book, a children's book parody for adults, is called "The Kid in the Crib." Lex lives in New Jersey with his wife and three young kids.

Review: Skype remains a fine VoIP, video chatting option on iOS

The Skype app on iOS offers a polished VoIP experience, with video chat to boot.

Review: Triage for iPhone makes quick work of clearing out your inbox

Triage isn't a full-featured email app: It's focused solely on helping you plow through the unread messages in your inbox. Lex Friedman is impressed.

Numbers game: Why analyst says iPhone market share will exceed Android

The Yankee Group recently put out a study concluding that iPhone market share will dominate Android within two years. How can it be so sure? Lex Friedman looks at the numbers.

Hands on with the new Yahoo app for iPhone

Yahoo has a newly-updated iPhone app, and it's focused entirely on news. Lex Friedman goes hands on.

Now you can use Mailbox app with no reservations

The Mailbox app for iPhone is now allowing new users to get started with the app, without requiring that they wait in a reservation queue.

Review: StockTouch is a colorful, creative alternative to Apple's Stocks app

StockTouch is powerful, colorful, highly customizable app. If you're looking for a different approach to iOS-based stock management, it's worth taking a look at.

Review: The Twig Case is a cool option for protecting your iPhone 5

The Twig Case is actually made of paper, and it's available in dozens of designs. And we like it a lot.

Review: The Enduro Mini battery case for the iPad mini is a letdown

The Enduro Mini is a folio-style leather case for the iPad mini that includes a built-in battery for recharging the tablet. But Lex Friedman found that the case's flaws made the whole thing rather disappointing.

An iPhone fan's month with Windows Phone: Week four

After a month on Windows Phone, Macworld senior writer Lex Friedman is finally allowed to power up his iPhone 5 again. But he's taken away some valuable lessons from the competition.

Apple adds two-step authentication option for iCloud, Apple IDs

Apple has joined giants like Google and Facebook in offering two-factor authentication as an option for its accounts.

Lumia 920

An iPhone fan's month with Windows Phone: Week three

After three weeks with his Lumia 920 Windows Phone, Macworld senior writer Lex Friedman really misses his iPhone 5. But he still found a few bright spots, too.

After Reader, which Google services will be next to fall?

Even if you won't miss Google Reader, its untimely demise should leave you worried about the future of other Google products.

Dropbox acquires Mailbox

Dropbox has acquired the popular free email app Mailbox.

Review: The MetaWatch Frame is a very cool smartwatch

Lex Friedman's Pebble still hasn't arrived, but he doesn't mind: The MetaWatch Frame smartwatch suits him just fine.

Veronica Mars movie could be a reality -- with your help

Want to see a Veronica Mars movie come to the big screen? Put your money where your mouth is.