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Lynn Walford is a freelance technology and connected car writer. She has more than years experience writing about computers, wireless, mobile, and automobiles. She envisions a day when cars, technology and people are all connected for better driving and a better world.

qnx turn by turn

Software maker QNX sets its sights, sounds on your car's infotainment system

Much of the work QNX does on software for your car is out of sight -- and most likely, out of mind. Still, it's worth paying attention to the company's latest announcements to get a sense of where future in-car infotainment systems are headed.

ignition interlock main

How ignition interlock devices can stop drunk drivers in their tracks

A growing number of states now require first-time drunk driving offenders to install ignition interlock systems in their cars. And the technology only figures to become more advanced.

tire warning light

Three tire technologies that promise you a smoother ride

There's more to tires than just rubber, treads, and rain grooves. Here are some high-tech ways that tire makers are looking to keep you on the road.


States look to put a charge into electric vehicle sales

More charging stations, carpool lane access, and cheaper tolls are just some of the ways that eight states are trying to encourage more drivers to buy zero-emission vehicles.

in car ads gallery

In connected cars, advertising will come along for the ride

Tech-savvy cars may be able to provide you with all sorts of driving data. But it also gives advertisers another avenue to reach you. That may not be an entirely bad thing -- provided that marketing is personalized and contextual.


Drop the chamois cloth -- nanotechnology could mean self-cleaning cars

It sounds like a wonderful dream, but UltraTech's coating being tested on cars can repel water, dirt, and oil, cutting down on the number of trips you have to take to the car wash.

onstar 4g cadillac

GM announces pricing for its 4G LTE service, to debut in 2015 Chevrolet Malibu

4G LTE connectivity through GM's OnStar service comes to the 2015 Chevy Malibu in June, and it'll be in more than 30 other GM models by year's end.