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Magdalena Petrova is a Video Correspondent covering daily tech news for IDG News Service and is based in San Francisco.

170106 honda unicub 02

We took a ride on Honda's self-balancing Uni-Cub

Honda's self-balancing Uni-Cub personal transporter is a fun way to get around. Never mind that your probably need some exercise, the Uni-Cub will scoot you to your destination at 4 miles per hour.

Honda NeuV

The Honda NeuV concept car is a glimpse into the company’s future

Honda's NeuV combines the company's vision for ride sharing, connectivity, autonomous driving, and AI.

Toyota Concept-i

Toyota's Concept-i car humanizes AI

The Concept-i comes with an AI agent dubbed Yui, which will monitor a driver's attention, emotions and even have a conversation.

The history behind NORAD's Santa tracker

Since 1955, NORAD has been helping children track Santa across the world as he delivers his presents. This is the history of how it all began.

apple 1651877

Apple faced a challenging 2016

Between a legal battle with the FBI, falling revenues, and the release of a new generation iPhone and MacBook Pro, 2016 was a mixed bag of fortunes for Apple.

san jose airport robots

The 7 coolest robots we saw in 2016

We rehash the most intriguing robots of the year, from a robot that can imitate over 60 facial expressions, to one that will set you on a philosophical journey.

Amazon store

Amazon replaces cashiers with AI and computer learning

Amazon is opening up a brick-and-mortar store in Seattle that allows customers to purchase items by simply picking them up.

Microsoft Holoportation

Microsoft's 'Holoportation' will virtually beam you into another room

Using a combination of mixed reality displays and 3D cameras, users of Microsoft's "Holoportation" technology can interact with remote participants as if they were in the same physical space.

Altus LRX parachute drone

This survey drone takes safety seriously

The LRX drone by Altus Intelligence is built to be foolproof, equipped with a number of redundant systems and a parachute when all else fails.

Flexrotor drone prep

Poachers and fish beware, this ocean drone is on your trail

Aerovel's Flexrotor drone can lift off and land horizontally on almost any vessel, making it useful for reconnaissance on the high seas.

Aerovironment Quantix drone

AeroVironment's Quantix drone is all about the data

Aerovironment's Quantix drone can cover 400 acres of land in under an hour, gathering data which can then be analyzed using the company's cloud service.

Alibaba Singles Day

Alibaba shatters its Singles Day sales record

Since 2009, e-commerce website Alibaba has held a Singles Day sale on 11/11 to encourage single Chinese people to buy gifts for themselves.

San Jose airport robots

Three customer service robots land in San Jose airport

Mineta San Jose International Airport makes history as the first U.S. airport to utilize robotic assistants.

Rutgers amphibious drone

This Navy-funded drone is at home in sea and sky

Researchers at Rutgers University in New Jersey have developed a drone that's capable of seamlessly transitioning from flying through the air to navigating in the water.

Commercial UAV Expo Las Vegas

These radical drones hunt intruders, scale buildings, sniff out radiation, and more

Consumer drones may not have taken off as initially expected, but the airborne robots are finding a big market in commercial uses.