Magdalena PetrovaVideo Correspondent, IDG News Service

Magdalena Petrova is a Video Correspondent covering daily tech news for IDG News Service and is based in San Francisco.

european edition of family hub refrigerator

Don't worry Europe, you too will know when your lemons expire

At IFA in Berlin, Samsung revealed that its Family Hub refrigerator is coming to Europe in a slimmed down version.

Fossil Q Marshal

Fossil aims to make smart watches fashionable

Fossil showed off its second generation smartwatch, the Q Marshal, at IFA in Berlin.


Pico can brew craft beers right in your kitchen

Pico is an automated brewing machine that can recreate your favorite beer

ZTE's Axon 7 and Axon 7 Mini side by side

The Axon 7 Mini is a shrunk-down version of ZTE's flagship

ZTE revealed its latest smartphone, the Axon 7 Mini, at IFA and it looks a lot like the Axon 7

ADS-B receiver interface

Raspberry Pi in the sky: How to build this awesome $115 airplane tracker

This homemade device delivers information about a plane's altitude, speed, and destination directly to your smartphone or tablet.

solar roadways smart city

These solar road panels could turn our world into Tron

Soar Roadways has developed a modular system of solar panels which the company says can make roads safer and much more efficient.

160623 spot mini 2

If Tim Burton made a robot, this would be it

Boston Dynamics' newest robot, SpotMini, is quiet, small, and willing to help out with the dishes.

solar impulse 2

Solar Impulse 2 has made it halfway across the Atlantic

Solar Impulse 2 is onto the 15th leg of its journey, flying from New York to Spain, as it attempts to circumnavigate the globe without using a single drop of fuel.

The First Law robot delivers a prick to the finger

This robot exists solely to make you bleed

Roboticist and artist, Alexander Reben, says he created the first robot build for the sole purpose of inflicting pain on people, all to get them talking about artificial intelligence.

DHL Parcelcopter

DHL's Parcelcopter shows that automated drone delivery is real

DHL recently announced the completion of a three-months-long test of its automated drone delivery system, the Parcelcopter. It works with a packstation dubbed Skyport, which can automatically load and unload the drone’s payload when it lands and store it in one of the station’s lockers.

OpenRov underwater drone

Affordable drones are the new wave of underwater exploration

Two companies are helping to unlock the secrets of the sea with low-cost, easy-to-pilot aquatic drones.

PrecisionHawk eyes an air traffic control system for drones

With companies like Amazon and Google pushing for commercial use of drones, the U.S. government is under tremendous pressure to develop a control system that keeps order when hordes of drones flock to the skies.

game of drones

Game of Drones is an aerial warfare league where drones fight to the death

As drones have gained popularity, so has the sport of drone fighting. Pilots from around the world gather to go head to head for a chance to become top drone.

Makani energy kite Maker Faire

Makani's energy kite is a smarter wind turbine

Kites aren’t just for kids anymore. Just ask Makani Power, which is developing a smart energy kite that can generate up to 50% more electricity than a conventional wind turbine.

trainerbot smart robot

This ping pong robot can be programmed to be the perfect partner

Practice makes perfect. But for a collaborative sport like ping pong, it’s not always easy to find the perfect partner, so two brothers solved this problem by building the “Trainerbot.”