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Microsoft onedrive teams

OneDrive simplifies document sharing by making it even more complex

Microsoft has added additional controls to simplify the sharing of documents stored within its OneDrive cloud storage service. But they don't look especially easy to use.

Microsoft xbox game bar  ftl widget menu

Windows 10's Xbox Game Bar adds a widget store and much-needed transparency controls

Microsoft has created a widget store to add functionality to Windows 10's Xbox Game Bar, including Destiny-specific widget. Even better, there are now transparency and click-through controls, too.

windows 10 logo

Who needs Windows 10 Pro: 5 reasons to upgrade

If you're buying a new Windows 10 PC, chances are you'll receive Windows 10 Home. But should you upgrade to Windows 10 Professional, just to be sure?


How to manage Windows 10 updates to prevent them from ruining your life

While you shouldn't block Windows 10 updates, you can manage them in Settings. Buying Windows 10 Pro, may be the best solution, though.

windows file recovery Microsoft app

Windows File Recovery is Windows' new tool for finding lost files

Microsoft has quietly released Windows File Recovery, a text-based app for finding lost files.

Belkin Thunderbolt Core dock

The Belkin Thunderbolt Dock Core is the first dual-powered Thunderbolt dock

Belkin announces what it says is the first certified dual-powered Thunderbolt dock, allowing it to be powered by your laptop or by an external charger.

p1240392 12

Closing Microsoft Stores means more support and buying headaches for Windows users

Microsoft's decision to close its retail Microsoft Stores puts more pressure on Microsoft to develop a superior online presence, while pushing more support responsibilities onto consumers.

google meet custom backgrounds

Google Meet for G Suite adds custom backgrounds, larger gallery view

Google Meet is going back to school with new features for G Suite for Education: background blurring, custom backgrounds, a shared whiteboard and more.

ryzen 4000 mobile cpu

AMD's Ryzen exceeds its '25x20' power efficiency challenge

In 2014, AMD challenged itself to improve the energy efficiency of its microprocessors by 25X by 2020. On Thursday, the company said it had exceeded that goal.

opera twitter

Opera integrates Twitter into new Opera 69 browser

Opera has added Twitter to its stable of third-party messaging apps in its Opera 69 browser, along with some UI improvements.

apple wwdc20 arm swtich mac

What Apple could learn from Microsoft's mistakes with Windows on ARM

Mac users will have to choose between an X86 processor and Apple's own ARM silicon beginning this fall. Here's what Windows did wrong in expanding into ARM processors, and how Apple could learn from its mistakes.

screenshot 2020 04 06 skype communication tool for free calls and chat1 copy

Microsoft is getting rid of one version of Skype

Microsoft is clearing up Windows 10's app clutter by consolidating Skype for Desktop into Skype for Windows 10.

acer swift 5 sf514 55 high 02

Acer's $999 Swift 5 could be the first Tiger Lake ultralight laptop

The Acer Swift 5 has always aimed to be one of thinnest and lightest laptops around. But now, it seems, there's an Intel Tiger Lake chip and a next-gen Nvidia GPU under the hood.

apple arm processor features

Apple drops Intel: Transition to ARM processors in Macs will start later in 2020

Apple says that over the next two years its Mac lineup will migrate from Intel CPUs to its own in-house ARM silicon.

Microsoft Teams shared dashboard

Microsoft ships expanded Microsoft Teams for consumers

Microsoft is tying together work and personal productivity experiences by renaming Office 365 as "Microsoft 365," adding a consumer version of Teams, and unveiling new AI-powered features for Office apps.