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Microsoft story remix 3d

Hands on with Windows 10's Story Remix, the new tool to make your photos pop

Microsoft's Story Remix for Photos is one of the highlights of the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, allowing to stitch together photos and videos and add cool 3D effects.

microsoft surface book 2 15 inch laptop mode 2

Microsoft's Surface Book 2 is real, and it's five times faster than the original Surface Book

Microsoft announces both a 13-inch and a 15-inch Surface Book 2 based on Intel's 8th-gen Core processors. We go hands-on with the first performance numbers.

pins still

Xbox Fall Update: The biggest changes as Microsoft preps for the Xbox One X

Microsoft's Fall Update for the Xbox readies gamers for the Xbox One X through ways to back up and preload 4K content.

HP Elite x3 ecosystem hero

HP Elite x3 review: Yep, this was the last great Windows phone

HP's Elite x3 combines amazing hardware, tremendous battery life, a stellar Continuum experience, and support for older Win32 apps. Whether that's enough to buoy Microsoft's vision remains to be seen.

windows store movies

Why the Internet is worried that Microsoft's consumer services are doomed

After Microsoft unexpectedly killed its Groove Music Pass, it's natural to wonder about Microsoft's commitment to other consumer services.

Mattel Aristotle

Mattel cancels Cortana-powered Aristotle smart speaker for kids, citing privacy concerns

Mattel has cancelled its Aristotle smart speaker for kids, in the face of government opposition to monitoring kids' activities and their privacy.


thinkpad anniversary 25

Lenovo's ThinkPad 25 celebrates 25 years of ThinkPads, at a retro $1,899 price

Lenovo launches the ThinkPad 25 Anniversary Edition notebook to celebrate 25 years of ThinkPad notebooks.

google pixel buds 3

Google's $159 Pixel Buds wireless earbuds can help you speak a language you don't know

Google launched its Google Pixel Buds Bluetooth earbuds on Wednesday as an accessory for its Google Pixel 2 phone. The secret sauce? Wireless translation.

mixed reality headsets HMD

Microsoft opens preorders for Windows mixed reality headsets

In anticipation of the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, Microsoft opens preorders of mixed-reality devices, including an upgraded HMD from Samsung.

groove music pass

What Groove users need to do now that Microsoft is killing Groove Music Pass

Microsoft is ending its Groove Music Pass service, discontinuing the music streaming service in favor of Spotify.

Story Remix Photos Windows 10 Fall Creators Update 3d explosion

Windows 10 Story Remix's 3D effects roll out to Insiders ahead of the Fall Creators Update

Windows 10's Story Remix promises to add awesome 3D effects to your videos. It's rolling out to Insider beta testers and should be available in the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update.

pcw corei9 hub

Intel Core i9: Everything we know about Intel's hypercharged PC processor

Intel has filled in the rest of the details on its Intel Core i9 microprocessor family for PCs, and started shipping all of them, too. Now with a review of the 18-core Core i9-7980X and 16-core Core i8-7960XE!

pcw office primary resized

Microsoft announces Office 2019 for customers who don't want to pay forever for Office 365

Office 2019 will be Microsoft's latest suite of perpetual apps, where users pay once for Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and more.

hp stream 14 aquablue frontopen win10

Microsoft 365 recasts Windows 10 S laptops as inexpensive corporate machines

Microsoft is aiming its Windows 10 S PCs at another big customer—corporate America—with inexpensive laptops that run on Microsoft 365 subscription-based services.

artificial intelligence / machine learning / binary code / virtual brain

Loihi is Intel's brainy chip designed to outthink your PC's Core CPU

Intel plans to make its digital brain chip, code-named Loihi, available to researchers in 2018, in a bid to put its hardware into cutting-edge AI applications. Will your PC be next?