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oneplus 6t mclaren

The 5G phones you really want are coming in early 2020

Senior Qualcomm executives explain why early 5G phones supported mmWave or sub-6GHz, and when you'll able to buy a phone that supports both.

Qualcomm Snapdragon

Qualcomm's next-gen Snapdragon 865 mobile chip focuses on 5G

Qualcomm announces its Snapdragon 865, Snapdragon 765, and Snapdragon 765G smartphone chips, with AI, 5G, and mobile gaming as their focus.

Microsoft Surface Pro X primary

Microsoft Surface Pro X review: This isn't the long-lasting tablet we were hoping for

Microsoft's Surface Pro X reimagines the Surface Pro tablet line, but its battery life misses the boat, and bugs and other issues narrow its usefulness.

Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 Ice Lake primary

Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 15-inch (Core i7) review: This is the one you should buy

Microsoft's Surface Laptop 3 with Intel's 10th-gen Core i7 processor, Ice Lake, combines exemplary performance with all-day battery life.

pcw surface laptop 3 ice lake ryzen 7 versus primary

We benchmark AMD's mobile Ryzen 7 vs. Intel's mobile Core i7: Which is the best laptop processor?

We benchmark two Microsoft Surface Laptop 3s, one with AMD's latest mobile Ryzen 7, the other with Intel's Core i7 Ice Lake. Which comes out on top?

lg ultragear 32 inch qhd gaming monitor 32gk850f b

This Costco 1440p/144Hz HDR monitor is basically a steal at $249 and 50 percent off for Cyber Monday

LG's display combines 144Hz gaming with 1440p resolutions, and HDR too. This Costco Cyber Monday deal looks terrific.

pcw laptop black friday primary 2

The best Black Friday deals on laptops and Chromebooks from Dell, HP, Acer, and others

We've scoured Black Friday deals to bring you the top deals on laptops and Chromebooks from Dell, HP, Samsung, Lenovo, Acer, and other big brands.

acer aspire 5 a515 54 51dj

Acer's Aspire 5 is on sale for just $400, complete with a future-proofed Whiskey Lake chip

Amazon and Acer are selling a solid all-around version of its Aspire 5 notebook for 22 percent off its all-time low.

logitech zone wireless headset single user open area

Intel partners with Mediatek to bring 5G to PCs in 2021

Intel says it will work with Mediatek and Fibocom to bring its orphaned 5G technology to the PC market .

amd threadripper 64 core 3990x

AMD plots multicore domination with 64-core Threadripper 3990X processor, coming in 2020

AMD confirms plans for a whopping 64-core Threadripper processor, which will debut in 2020.

datapow datablocker

Traveling? This $7 gadget protects your phone from treacherous USB charging ports

Data-only charging cables and adapters protect your phone from attackers while charging at an unknown USB power plug. And at about $7 or so, it's a handy addition to your carryon bag.

Dynabook Tecra X50 primary

Dynabook Tecra X50-F review: This lightweight 15-inch business notebook falls a bit short

Sharp's Dynabook unit has launched the Tecra X50-F 15-inch business laptop. It's roomy and light, but it falls short in some little ways and one big way—battery life.

windows 10 acts like windows 7

Laplink makes PCMover Express free for the Windows 7 transition, if you have Intel inside

If you're wondering how to transition from Windows 7 to Windows 10 once support ends in January, Laplink's PCMover Express can help. But there are a few catches.

intel ponte vecchio gpu larger

Intel debuts Ponte Vecchio, its first Xe GPU for servers

Intel reveals its first Xe chip for the datacenter, code-named Ponte Vecchio, which commits the company to 7nm technology in 2021.

my people taskbar arrow

Microsoft plans to kill off Windows 10's My People app

Microsoft says it will phase out and eventually kill the Windows 10 My People app, because apparently no one used it.