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microsoft font grandview

Microsoft is choosing a new default font for 2022, and it wants your help

Microsoft has commissioned five new fonts, and it wants your help to decide which will be its new default font for Windows, Office and more.

lisa su radeon 6000

AMD says more GPUs are en route to alleviate supply crunch

AMD promises more GPUs are coming to relieve the supply shortage. The company reported second-quarter revenue that nearly doubles from a year ago, thanks to strong sales across its Ryzen, Radeon, and other product lines.

chia logo

Chia cryptocurrency threatens to spike SSD prices like Bitcoin did to GPUs

Chia, the cryptocurrency led by BitTorrent founder Bram Cohen, uses available storage on SSDs or hard drives to mine cryptocurrency. Prices have already begun to soar as Chia miners buy them up.

Microsoft surface laptop 4 13.5-inch 15-inch

Surface Laptop 4: What to know and what to buy

Here's an overview of the Microsoft Surface Laptop 4, with frequently asked questions on Microsoft's new laptop and advice on what to buy.

dell latitude 7320 detachable

Dell's new Latitude 7320 Detachable will take on the Surface Pro 7+

Dell has its own tablet PC to challenge Microsoft's Surface Pro 7+. The Latitude 7320 Detachable features Intel's 11th-gen Core processors, Thunderbolt, and a pen cubby inspired by the Surface Pro X.

zoom immersive view 2 cropped

Zoom copies Teams with Immersive View

Immersive View does for Zoom what Together Mode does for Teams: puts a group of participants in a virtual setting that you can control.

microsoft viva connections

Microsoft Viva is Teams' attempt to replace your company's intranet

Microsoft has launched Microsoft Viva, an 'employee experience platform' that provides a gateway to town halls, employee insights, online coursework, and more, all via Microsoft Teams.

Chromebook vs Windows PC primary better light

Chromebooks versus Windows laptops: Which should you buy?

Should you buy a Chromebook or a Windows laptop? They're similar in some ways, but fundamentally different in others. This guide will help you decide.

Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 better sl4 2

Surface Laptop 4 review: Microsoft returns to form with a solid notebook

Microsoft's Surface Laptop 4 (Ryzen 7) offers a substantial upgrade in performance and battery life over its predecessor.

xbox cloud gaming the new order small

Hands on: Xbox Cloud Gaming for the web brings Xbox gaming to your browser

We tried Microsoft's Xbox Cloud Gaming for the web in early beta. It's somewhat laggy and not the prettiest in places, but it's still a decent option if you can't find an Xbox Series S or X.

news and interests windows 10 edit microsoft

All Windows 10 users will get their own news feed, courtesy of Bing

Microsoft will add a new icon to your Windows 10 taskbar in the coming weeks, which will reveal a feed of news and interests, such as traffic and sports.

pcw windows hello webcams

4 Windows Hello webcams you can buy right now

Windows Hello webcams are relatively rare outside of laptops—not even Microsoft sells one. We've rounded up several PC cameras that do support Windows Hello, so you can add facial-recognition login to your PC.

google meet ui

Google overhauls Meet to thrust participants into the spotlight

Google Meet's user interface is adding features like autozoom, low-light enhancement, and video backgrounds.

apple ipad pro spring21 ipad pro magic keyboard 2up 04202021

Apple iPad Pro vs. Surface Go 2 and Surface Pro 7+: The specs, compared

We compare the specs of the new Apple iPad Pro (2021) versus two of the best Windows tablets: the Microsoft Surface Pro 7+ and Surface Go 2.


Report: Microsoft is in talks to buy Discord for over $10 billion

Discord, the gaming chat app, is reportedly in acquisition talks with Microsoft for over $10 billion. The deal would give Microsoft a social network that boosts its PC gaming aspirations.