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intel 10th gen core ice lake cpu

Intel reports record fourth quarter as it ramps up 10nm chips and tamps down supply issues

Intel reports record fourth-quarter 2019 revenue as it works through a complex transition involving 10nm Core processors and ongoing processor shortages.

surface duo android render

Here's what Android running on the dual-screen Surface Duo might look like

Work combining Microsoft's dual-screen Android emulator and a render of the Surface Duo reveals some interesting use cases.

Surface Duo Surface Neo Microsoft

Microsoft begins bringing in developers to build its dual-screen future, including Windows 10X

On February 11, Microsoft will begin its ramp-up to Windows 10X and dual-screen devices by shipping a Windows 10X emulator to app developers.

free wifi college campus laptops mobile security wireless network secure public network by hello i

PC sales expected to fall after Windows 10 sales bump ends

Gartner predicts that sales of PCs, tablets, and smartphones will slowly drop through 2022, as the Windows 7 to Windows 10 transition ends. 5G smartphone sales will help a bit.

windows calculator graph 2

New Windows 10 Insider build 19546 adds a nifty graphing calculator

Windows 10 Build 19546 includes a special Graphing Mode for Windows Calculator that looks surprisingly nice.

positivo wise n1212s

Windows PCs push back against Chromebooks in schools with LTE, Gemini Lake Refresh chips

Microsoft is marching in to the BETT education show with a plan to usurp Chromebooks with Connected PCs and more powerful processors.

slide 14 chrome logo

Google will wind down Chrome apps starting in June

Google laid out a timeline to wind down Google Chrome Apps, starting in June of this year and ending in June, 2022. Chrome extensions, however, will live on.

new microsoft edge logo

What to expect from Microsoft's 'new Edge' browser, rolling out to you soon

Microsoft offered more detail of how it will roll out the new Edge browser to consumer PCs, a process that will take several months to complete.

micosoft edge inspirational

Microsoft 'new' Edge review: Microsoft's Chromium-based browser gets the job done

Microsoft's new Chromium-based Edge will show up soon on your Windows 10 PC. It performs adequately and has a few unique features, but it faces an uphill battle against Chrome.

end of remix 3d 2 windows 10

Microsoft shuts down Remix3D, and an era of consumer-focused Windows creativity quietly dies

There was a time when Microsoft dared to be crazy and creative with Windows. Those days feel like they're over.

3 patch training update software band aid laptop with virus binary

Microsoft, NSA confirm killer Windows 10 bug, but a patch is available

Microsoft and the NSA have confirmed that a flaw in the Windows 10 cryptography system could allow malware to pose as legitimate applications. A patch is available today, however.

detection radar computer bug threats identify breach  by the lightwriter kao studio getty

Rumors mount that a major bug could be disclosed on the day Microsoft ends support for Windows 7

Researcher Brian Krebs is reporting that a major vulnerability affecting Windows' CryptoAPI service could allow malware to hide as a legitimate app. The NSA is also reportedly involved.

laptop pcs at a store black friday

The PC market, once left for dead, actually grew during 2019

Not only is the PC market alive, it's thriving. Researchers IDC and Gartner reported that the PC market grew during the fourth quarter of 2019 and for the full year, ending eight years of declines.

grave angel stock

Windows 7 dies January 14: How to move from Windows 7 to Windows 10

PCs running Microsoft's Windows 7 exit support in January 2020. Here are your options, from staying put to upgrading.

microsoft launcher preview landscape mode

Microsoft publishes Microsoft Launcher preview for an inside look at its phone future

Microsoft has published a preview version of its Microsoft Launcher app for Android, offering a way for Microsoft fans to test out its new features before the launch of the Microsoft Surface Duo.