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Microsoft cortana build 5

Why Cortana won't be at Microsoft Build

Though AI will be a hot topic at Microsoft Build this week, Cortana won't be making an appearance. We talk with Andrew Shuman, Microsoft's Cortana chief to find out why and where Cortana goes from here.

Microsoft Surface Book 3 primary alt 2

Microsoft Surface Book 3 review: The 'ultimate laptop' needs new ideas

Microsoft has upgraded its Surface Book 3 with new CPU and GPU options. But the PC industry is racing ahead of this once-innovative design.

Microsoft surface book 3 side shot

How Microsoft is testing the Surface Book 3 to avoid past thermal issues

Microsoft wants the Surface Book 3 to avoid the 'hot bag' thermal issues of past models, literally putting test Surface Book 3s into backpacks to make sure they don't overheat.

Microsoft surface book 3 with monitors attached

Why you may never see a 4K Microsoft Surface display

One of Microsoft's engineers behind the Microsoft Surface explains why Microsoft may never add a 4K display to tablets like the Surface Pro 7 or laptops like the Surface Book 3.

google chrome stacked tabs

Google Chrome will begin adding color-coded tab groups next week

Google will launch what it's calling tab groups next week within Chrome, which will allow you to group and color-code groups of tabs by topic.

Intel core i9 vpro 10th gen

Intel's faster 10th-gen vPro processors batten down the hatches of business PCs

Intel launches new Core vPro chips for desktop and mobile PCs, as well as Xeon chips for servers. New for this generation are expanded Hardware Shield capabilities and Wi-Fi 6.

Slack shortcuts

Slack reworks its interface to reorganize the sidebar and emphasize apps

The popular enterprise messaging and collaboration app gets a face-lift to encourage users to use third-party integrated apps and reorganize the navigation sidebar how they'd like.

Microsoft Surface Go 2 primary

Microsoft Surface Go 2 review: A gorgeous, pricey tablet with a decent CPU

Microsoft's Surface Go 2 is a gorgeous Windows tablet that seems best suited for business travelers. It's expensive, however, and the optional keyboard is cramped.

Microsoft Outlook logo

Gmail-like text prediction is due soon for Outlook on the Web

Microsoft's list of upcoming features includes text prediction, one of the more innovative features of Google's Gmail.

amd zen roadmap

AMD will use the AM4 socket through its 'Zen 3' CPUs, but it will drop older chipset support

AMD is holding to a four-year-old commitment to support the AM4 processor socket for its Ryzen chips through 2020, though some of its older chipsets are being dropped.

microsoft windows surface pro camera resized

Why the new Microsoft Surface devices don't have a webcam shutter

Microsoft believes that alerting users that their secured devices are on outweighs the need to put a physical camera shutter on devices like the Surface Book 3 and Surface Go 2.

Microsoft surface go 2 kid

Microsoft's Surface Go 2 debuts: An ultraportable tablet with significantly more performance

Microsoft announces the Surface Go 2, a faster version of its ultramobile Windows tablet with an improved screen, LTE options and a great webcam.

Microsoft surface family Surface Go 2 Surface Book 3 Surface Dock 2 Surface Headphones Earbuds

Microsoft launches Surface Book 3 and Surface Go 2, a new Surface Dock and Surface Headphones 2

Microsoft launches its long-awaited Surface Book 3, Surface Go 2, and the Surface Dock 2, alongside its Surface Earbuds and a surprise set of Surface Headphones 2. The goal is a "Surface for everyone," Microsoft says.

surface pro 7 camera better

Suddenly, Microsoft's Surface cameras are a compelling feature

Microsoft executives tell PCWorld why the webcams in the Surface Book 3, Surface Go 2, and Surface Pro 7 are better than the competition's.

Microsoft surface book 3 desktop primary 2

Microsoft says the Surface Book 3 will be 50 percent faster than before

Microsoft's Surface Book 3 debuts with 10th-gen Intel Core Ice Lake processors, a whopping 2TB SSD option, and even real-time ray tracing options with a Nvidia Quadro RTX GPU.