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How to clean up your Gmail inbox by quickly deleting old email

Here's a way to clean up your inbox within Gmail, first by deleting unwanted emails using Google's built-in filters, then using search commands to find specific email to delete.

Conceptual image of a password amid hexadecimal code.

How to tell if your password has been stolen

How can you tell if your password has been stolen or compromised as part of a password breach? We'll discuss free and paid services you can use, from websites to your browser or paid password managers.

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Google Chrome is killing off support for some ancient PCs

Google Chrome is ending support for PCs that lack SSE3 support, which was first introduced in processors like the AMD Athlon 64.

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Microsoft will remove the old Edge browser from all Windows 10 PCs on April 13

Microsoft began installing the new Edge browser on Windows PCs as part of the Windows 10 October 2020 Update. Now a new patch will uninstall the old Edge in April.

microsoft surface pro 7 plus in testing

Tested: How fast is the Microsoft Surface Pro 7+ versus the Surface Pro 7?

The Microsoft Surface Pro 7+ tablet gets Intel's 11th-gen Tiger Lake Core chip, and in our tests it crushes its predecessor the Surface Pro 7 and its 10th-gen Ice Lake Core processor.

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Microsoft Viva is Teams' attempt to replace your company's intranet

Microsoft has launched Microsoft Viva, an 'employee experience platform' that provides a gateway to town halls, employee insights, online coursework, and more, all via Microsoft Teams.

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Fight Google's data cap with a simple change to Google Photos

In June, 2021, new photos and movies saved to Google Photos and the cloud will count against the Google One data cap. Exceed it, and you'll be charged for storage or Google will delete your photos.


Comcast suspends data caps for certain states, and that's unfair

The Pennsylvania attorney general strikes a deal with Comcast to delay broadband data caps until July, and suddenly a chunk of the country gets special treatment.

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The mobile Microsoft Lens app can now read your handwriting

Microsoft's Office Lens app, now Microsoft Lens, can take your handwritten notes and turn them into text for Word or any other app.


AMD's CPU share skyrocketed in 2020 along with low-end PC sales

A more detailed report from Mercury Research found that AMD gained 6 points of market share from Intel in 2020, across the mobile, desktop, and server sectors.

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Intel regains market share from AMD in notebook, desktop PCs

Mercury Research confirmed that Intel took back a small amount of market share in the desktop and mobile PC space during the fourth quarter of 2020.

Chromebooks Google Chrome OS 88 lock screen

Google updates Chrome OS with security, smart display and personalization features

Google's latest Chrome OS 88 adds a cool way of turning your lock screen into a smart display, with images and controls. WebAuthn support also allows you to log in to websites using just your Chromebook's PIN.

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Xbox, PCs and gaming drive AMD and Microsoft's revenues

Microsoft and AMD both reported strong earnings for the fourth quarter of 2020, driven by consumers who worked and played at home with their PC and Xbox game consoles.

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Find gorgeous PC background images every day with Bing Wallpaper

The free Bing Wallpaper app lets you refresh your PC's background image every day with a new image curated by Microsoft.

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Report: Surface Laptop 4's major change will just be its Tiger Lake, Ryzen processors

Microsoft is sticking to its tried-and-true formula with the Surface Laptop 4, according to a report: updating the Laptop with Intel's Tiger Lake and Ryzen processors, and not much else.