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logitech c922 webcam

Why a 1080p webcam is a great buy for 2021: Buying guide

1080p webcams are now cheap and plentiful. Our buying guide will show you the best webcam deals we've found, plus tips on the best features and how to buy. Updated with Black Friday pricing.

microsoft bing primary

Microsoft Bing Rebates is pushing annoying pop-up ads, and ad blockers don't help

Microsoft and Bing are returning to the bad old days of aggressive advertising. Now it's massive popup ads promoting Bing Rebates.

usb c cable orange

The first USB4 products are here: What to know, what to buy

The first USB4 devices are here. We explain what USB4 is, what products are available, and how your next laptop may use USB4 and Thunderbolt 4.

Surface Laptop 3

Surface Laptop 4 leaks suggest a mix of AMD and Intel CPUs

Microsoft's upcoming Surface Laptop 4 will be interesting, if recent leaks are true. The laptop may ship with either Intel's 11th-gen Tiger Lake or AMD's CPUs—but the older Ryzen 4000, not the new Ryzen 5000.

hp chromebook 13 3qtr 2017 resized

Google is working to solve the Chromebook's support problem

Google is addressing the plight of older Chromebooks rendered useless when their support windows expire, working with vendors to develop hardware with long support cycles, and trying to push browser updates even after support window expires.

Google Chrome OS phone hub

Google Chrome OS adds a Phone Hub, Nearby Share, and Tote files

Google's Chrome OS and Chromebooks are celebrating its tenth anniversary with the M85 Chrome OS release, which adds a Phone Hub, Nearby Share, Wi-Fi Sync and quick answers -- many quite similar to WIndows.

windows 10 20h2 2004 start menu Microsoft

How to change your computer name in Windows 10

Don't like the randomly generated name Windows 10 gives your computer after a clean install? Here's how to change it to something more memorable.

internet data cap

How to avoid going over your broadband data cap

Our tips on how to avoid going over your ISP's broadband data cap cover Windows PCs, your phone, game consoles, and streaming devices. Here's how to manage your data on all four.

amazon alexa app xbox

An Amazon Alexa app is headed for the Xbox

Microsoft and Amazon have posted a "Coming Soon" sign for an official Amazon Alexa app for your Xbox.


pcw chrome primary

Google Chrome will replace third-party cookies with tracking that's less intrusive

Google Chrome won’t replace third-party cookies with alternative methods of tracking individuals in Chrome. The browser is moving toward tracking methods that aggregate users to protect their privacy.

brave new 2

Brave Search is a privacy-first search engine

Browser maker Brave Software is buying Tailcat, an open search engine, and will add it to what it’s calling Brave Search, a forthcoming search engine. Brave Search will be folded into the existing, privacy-first Brave browser.

microsoft mesh alex kipman fishtank

Microsoft Mesh: Why you should be skeptical about this new VR platform

Microsoft announced Microsoft Mesh on Tuesday, a VR platform that the company hopes will eventually be used for holographic meetings and other uses.

mtr and intelligent speaker

Microsoft Teams hardware will join new presenter modes later this year

At Microsoft Ignite, Microsoft certifies Microsoft Teams displays, updates its Teams speaker timeline, and unveils new presenter modes.

Microsoft Azure Percept ai devkit

Microsoft still loves smart devices, rolling out Azure Percept camera, mic and services

Microsoft has announced Microsoft Azure Percept, consisting of its Percept Vision camera module and Percept Audio smart mic. They'll form the foundation for intelligent devices built by partners.

google meet and max

Google beefs up Workspace with new apps, and Google Assistant

Google said Monday that it's adding capabilities to its Workspace offering, including new apps, calendar improvements, and Google Assistant support.