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Expatriate Scotsman now living in Wurzburg, Germany, freelance writer, frustrated future bestselling author, obsessed bibliophile. Other interests include trying to understand The Architect in the Matrix movies, decrypting codes and ciphers, and trying to persuade my landlord and my wife to let me have a Highland Cow for a pet.

Review: Hover Zoom expands images without extra clicking

Hover Zoom is probably one of the best and most useful browser plugins in existence...provided you use the Chrome browser, as it is not available for anything else. It allows you to move your mouse over a small picture and instantly magnify it, without clicking or opening anything.

Review: Browse images on Reddit faster with RedditPics

There are fascinating images hidden in the Pictures subreddit, but the format makes it hard to get to them. This website makes browsing Pictures a breeze.

Reddit TV video website

Review: Search and filter recently posted Reddit videos with Reddit TV

You don't have to scroll through all the subreddits looking for videos. This website corrals the YouTube gems posted to Reddit.

Review: Reddit Enhancement Suite makes Reddit browsing easier and more pleasant

Bring Reddit's page design up to date with browser add-on Reddit Enhancement Suite. With it, you can browse faster and follow discussions more closely.

Clownfish for Skype

Review: Clownfish for Skype translates as you type

The Clownfish for Skype add-on translates to and from over 50 languages as you type. It's not perfect, but it's convenient and gives you the gist of what's said.

Review: Generate better-looking Windows 8 start tiles with OblyTile

Windows 8 Start tiles aren't always the prettiest. Free progam OblyTile generates better-looking tiles and automatically installs them on your Start page.

Review: G-Recorder backs up Skype convos to Gmail

In Skype, backing up is hard to do. G-Recorder not only backs up your chats, it backs them up to Gmail.

Power up your PDFs with these five free tools

Your PDF could just sit there, or you could use one of these free tools to edit, reformat, extract data, and more.

Review: Get those precious Facebook moments backed up sharpish with PhotoGrabber

This open-source freebie can help you back up the photos you (and your friends) have downloaded. It does have some restrictions, but it's under active development.

Review: CC PDF Converter protects your work with Creative Commons licenses

A Creative Commons license lets you share your work generously without losing your control over it. This clever beta program helps you choose the right license and attach it to your PDFs.

Review: Open-source freebie jPDF Tweak gives you power over your PDFs

Add watermarks, combine PDFs, make printable booklets, and otherwise enhance your PDFs with this open-source program.

Review: PDFill lets you tweak PDFs any which way

PDFill's three-part suit covers many PDF editing and creation needs on a budget. It integrates well with Microsoft Office for easy access, too.

Review: Download Facebook photos and albums with fbDownloader

We put more of our lives on Facebook than we like to admit. If you lose access, you lose data…so back it up.

Review: Free and portable Briss cuts PDFs down to size

Snip away the unwanted parts of your PDFs with Briss. It's free, portable, and open-source.

Review: Debenu PDF Tools lets you change PDFs for free

The Debenu PDF Tools menu has a variety of useful features even in the free edition.