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Separate the sound from the fury: 5 in-ear headphones for your smartphone

We found lots of things to like, and some things to dislike in popular new in-ear headphones from Beats, Bose, Bowers & Wilkins, Harman/Kardon and Shure.

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7 things Beats Music must do to beat Spotify

With Spotify dominating the streaming music scene, Beats hopes to bring a better music curation system to the party.



Court's smackdown on net neutrality could hit you right in the pocket

A federal court has struck down key sections of the FCC's Open Internet Initiative, serving net neutrality a devastating legal blow.

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For our bodies we have gyms, and for our minds we have...brain fitness apps

Interest in "the quantified self" and a growing body of clinical research seem to point toward a bright future for brain fitness tech.

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AT&T finds an end run around net neutrality with 'Sponsored Data' plan

The telecom giant will allow online services to pay for the data they use, which will save you money while stifling competition.


CES 2014: Follow PCWorld editors' tweets from the giant consumer electronics show

PCWorld will be in Vegas this week with wall-to-wall coverage of any news that's fit to tweet. Don't miss a single one.

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Holiday travel diary: Hell is other peoples' cell phones

Holiday travelers around the world were exposed to more "social pollution" through overheard cell phone calls and social media blather than ever before. And it's only going to get worse.


Tomorrow's news today: The biggest tech stories of 2014

Concepts like the smartwatch, 3D printing, device ID, biometrics and connected cars will be among the biggest tech headlines in 2014.

FCC wants to get rid of local sports blackout rules. Rah!

The move, if approved, would remove the FCC's sports blackout rules from the books, and would effectively get the agency out of the business of protecting sports franchises.

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The Feds won't approve a Sprint/T-Mobile merger (but they should)

The merger of the No. 3 and No. 4 carriers could end up driving down phone service prices, if T-Mobile doesn't lose its soul in the deal.

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Why Twitter's firehose of user data won't be its revenue salvation

The stock is selling at twice the IPO price, but the usefulness of Twitter and its data to advertisers could be limited in the long term.