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The Hard Drive Buying Guide for Students

When you’re putting big projects together, megabytes can turn into gigabytes and even terabytes before you know it, especially if you’re studying a visual arts field like filmmaking, animation, or photography. The solution? An external hard drive. These affordable devices are becoming an increasingly popular way to keep your work safely stored and available anytime you need it.

T-Mobile Now Offering Smartphone Upgrades Every 6 Months

Cellular carrier T-Mobile is disrupting the network carrier model once again, offering customers the ability to upgrade to a new smartphone once every six months.

Upcoming Nokia Lumia 1020 Shows Off an Impressive Camera

The new smartphone with a 41 MP camera is expected to be officially announced on July 11th.

Headphones to Amplify the College Experience

A good pair of headphones is every student’s best friend. Here are some tips that will help you buy the headphones that are right for you.

Mozilla Releases First Two Firefox OS Smartphones

The new open source HTML5 Firefox operating system is now available on two new smartphones in Spain.

Verizon Going 4G LTE Only, Preparing for LTE-A

With 4G LTE covering most of the U.S., Verizon is phasing out the old 3G network and looking towards the next big step.

Qualcomm Releasing New Smartphone Processors All Over The Place

Processor manufacturer Qualcomm made news this week with breaking news and new additions to their Snapdragon family of chips.

AT&T’s Street Charge Provides Free Power For Your Smartphone

AT&T opened public charging stations in New York City today.

Rugged Galaxy S4 Active Joining the Samsung Family

The new Galaxy S4 Active will be waterproof and dustproof.

Smartphones are Smarter with an All-In-One Processor

From sending emails to watching HD video, an all-in-one processor is designed to make every operation on your smartphone smoother, faster and more energy efficient.

HTC One Wins Best Smartphone Award at Computex 2013

The HTC One adds another trophy to its cabinet at the major annual electronics show.

Entire Android Line-Up Can Now Download Google Keyboard

Google's Keyboard is now available as an app in the Google Play store.

Verizon Releasing a Major Software Update for the Galaxy S3

Update brings a host of fixes and new features, including Multi-Window capability and the Best Shot camera feature.

LG Announces White Nexus 4, No Nexus 5

LG has announced a new color for its prized Nexus 4 model, which will most likely be the end of the Nexus line.