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dog listening 100508379 orig

Does Google listen in on your life? Should it?

A widely held myth says Google eavesdrops on your life to improve search results. It doesn't, but should it?

A virtual face, constructed of binary code.

These three virtual assistants point the way to the future

Step aside, Siri, Cortana, and Alexa. We look at three new virtual assistants that raise the bar for usefulness, interactivity, and personalization.


Security tips from a super-hacker: Kevin Mitnick's advice on protecting laptops, smartphones, and more

Virtually everyone in technology knows about Kevin Mitnick, the one-time fugitive hacker who is now a security consultant. Mitnick has a wealth of security advice for the public.

facebook free basics

The surprising truth about Facebook's Internet.org

No, Internet.org is not a nonprofit organization that subsidizes Internet access for new users.

cortana savethewhales

How real people help Cortana, Siri, and other virtual assistants feel alive

The responses from virtual assistants are far more human than most of us assume. In fact, every response is carefully crafted by a person or a team of people.