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Humble Indie Bundle 8 has arrived so hand over your cash

Great games at a great price—and it’s charitable, too!

Mystery solved: 22Cans’ Curiosity cube has finally cracked

Peter Molyneux’s Curiosity cube has finally been opened, revealing a prize for the lucky winner.

Watch this Space: Kerbal Space Program is a blast

Still under development, Kerbal Space Program is a wondrously complex spaceflight simulator.

What I'm Playing: A plethora of ports

Frozen Synapse comes to tablets, Sonic gets a facelift, and Civilization is available everywhere.

Steam’s virtual trading cards award prizes for your time well wasted

Steam has announced a new virtual trading card program that turns playtime into prizes.

Sid Meier's Ace Patrol: When free is worth paying for

Freemium is a dirty word, but Sid Meier's Ace Patrol reminds us why we love demos.

Review: Sony Xperia ZL is about as exciting as getting socks for Christmas

The Sony Xperia ZL ticks all of the right boxes, but will have trouble standing out amongst the stiff competition.

Valve is betting on a biofeedback future for gaming

The game developer that brought us Half-Life and Left4Dead sees emotion as the next step in game input.

What I'm Playing: Wish upon a Star (Command)

Your weekly unicorn chaser, now with extra spaceships.

Ludum Dare 26's 48-hour challenge is up! Lets find some gems

This year's 48-hour game development competition is centered on minimalism.

Razer Comms disrupts the VOIP arena with a free public beta

The erstwhile peripheral maker is taking a stab at the VOIP space with Razer Comms.

What I'm Playing: Ninjas that farm, and fish that skip

Today we're skipping fish with time traveling ninjas.


Review: Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 is pricey but has its charms

The Galaxy Note 8.0's humble chassis and $400 price tag don't inspire much confidence, but you'll find quite a lot to like here.

Review: Skulls of the Shogun is a fun, funny strategy game

Skulls of the Shogun offers a clever turn-based strategy experience across any platform bearing a Microsoft badge. And who doesn't enjoy crushing the occasional skull?

In defense of Nintendo’s obsession with memory lane

Nintendo’s 2013 lineup is looking a bit familiar, and I’m okay with that.