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Hunter Fan Signal

Hunter Fan unveils the first HomeKit-enabled ceiling fans

The 130-year-old company is the first fan maker to embrace Apple’s connected-home platform.

piper nv white

IControl integrates Life360 family-tracking app into its Piper security cameras

Icontrol Networks’ Piper wireless security cameras can now alert you when no one’s home and the system is unarmed.

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Vimeo 4K streaming

Vimeo jumps on the 4K streaming bandwagon

Streaming services continue to lead the way when it comes to 4K content delivery.

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Netflix login credentials for sale on the Dark Web

Cord criminals join the ranks of cord cutters, cord cheaters, and cord nevers, selling stolen logins for major media-streaming services.

youtube red

YouTube enters Apple’s top-grossing app charts on the back of its subscription offering

Red offering is off to a pretty solid start, judging by the app’s entry into the Apple App Stores' top-grossing app charts.

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Panasonic TC 50cx400u

Panasonic introduces bargain-priced 4K TVs to woo holiday shoppers

The Japanese manufacturer's entry-level CX-series models start at $800.

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LG TV with Roku

LG to offer Roku-powered smart TVs

The company says the entry-level TVs are a one-off effort and it has no plans to ditch WebOS.

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Grove Labs Ecosystem

Grove Labs brings its fish-powered smart indoor garden to Kickstarter

Grow your own organic food with the mostly automated Grove Ecosystem, which uses fish poop as plant fertilizer.

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This 4K display is purpose-built for showcasing digital art

Klio is a 4K screen with its own Netflix-like digital art subscription service.

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Comcast and August smart lock

Apple withdraws August and Kevo smart locks from its shelves

The company is currently only selling a HomeKit-enabled lock from Schlage’s stable.

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Vizio spying lawsuit

Vizio slapped with two class-action lawsuits over alleged smart-TV spying

The company stands accused of sharing smart TV owners’ personal information with third parties without their approval.

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Hulu reportedly in talks to sell a chunk of itself to Time Warner

The rumored discussions are focused on the possibility of Time Warner investing $1.25 billion in Hulu in exchange for a 25-percent stake.

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Brewie is a countertop brewery that even novices can use

The cloud-connected Brewie claims to be the world’s first fully automated home brewery.

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Mack magnetic headphone adapter

Mack is a MagSafe-like cable adapter for headphones

The Mack magnetic headphone jack makes clotheslining yourself on headphone cords almost impossible.

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