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NewsOn to stream local TV news to cord cutters

The free, ad-supported NewsOn service brings programming from more than 100 local TV stations to mobile and connected-TV devices, including Roku boxes.

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Ario throughout the day

Ario’s lamp promises to gently restore your circadian rhythm

This lamp mimics the sun, changing not just the color of its light through the day and evening hours, but also its direction.

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Deezer beefs up its non-music offerings with new content and features

Fierce competition is forcing music streamers to think beyond music.

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Nyrius Smartplug

Nyrius Smart Outlet adds basic smarts to your dumb home

The Bluetooth-enabled smart plug features presence-based automation.

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Spectrum streaming-TV service

Charter seeks to woo cord cutters with a new streaming-TV service

Spectrum TV Stream is a over-the-top service aimed at the company’s broadband-only subscribers.

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Axis Gear promises to make your dumb window shades smart

Motorized window shades aren’t new. What’s different about Axis Gear is that it will motorize the window shades you already own.

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Pandora agrees to pay record labels $90 million for pre-1972 recordings

But this doesn't mean the music-streaming service is out of the legal woods.

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LIFX Color 1000

LIFX launches improved version of its flagship Wi-Fi color LED smart bulb

New Color 1000 is slimmer, lighter, and more efficient than the original; sports ‘Designed for AllSeen’ certification.

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Kolibree smart toothbrush

Second-gen Kolibree connected toothbrush comes with improved smarts and a lower price

The Kolibree can tell you if your brushing sessions tend to be as long and thorough as they should be.

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lifx bulb

LIFX releases a Windows 10 app and befriends Cortana

If you own any of LIFX’s smart bulbs and run Windows hardware, you can now say ‘Hey Cortana, let there be light.’

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Kwikset Kevo

Kwikset finally enables cloud control for its Kevo smart lock

The nifty accessory makes it possible for the Kevo to be controlled and monitored from the cloud.

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Tempescope brings weather forecasts to life, literally

This transparent box drips, mists, flashes, and glows in sync with the sky outside your home or anywhere else in the world.

Koto cube sensor

Koto smart sensors could help you improve your indoor environment

These tiny devices use a raft of sensors to deliver actionable insights about your surroundings.

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LIFX slashes the price tag on its Wi-Fi color LED bulbs

$40 price cut closes the price gap with Philips A19 Hue Color.

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Kuna camera light

The Kuna smart porch light pulls double duty as a Wi-Fi security camera

This outdoor light fixture is also a weatherized intercom with a built-in alarm to deter intruders.

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