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Robert Strohmeyer is a veteran business technology journalist and the founder of Startzilla, a social toolset for entrepreneurs.

deceptivelydistracted primary

10 tools for stealthily slacking off at work

We don't mind if you take a little downtime on the job, but your boss might. Use these tools–at your own risk–to hide your extracurricular activities.

gamifiedapps primary

Play your way to productivity with these 5 gamified apps

Taking cues from fantasy RPGs and hard brain science, these apps make it fun to get things done.

iftttproductivity primary

10 IFTTT recipes to make you more productive at work

IFTTT (If This, Then That) lets you build automated processes to help manage your digital life. These ready-to-use recipes will save you time instantly.

digitizephotosnew primary

How to digitize holiday photos and videos

Move precious memories online (and create digital backups) with help from a scanner, a video converter, and better-than-basic editing software.


How to use a cloud camera to secure your home during holiday travel

While you're away, the thieves might play. Here's how to catch them.


metered broadband

Why your Internet service provider wants to nix all-you-can-eat data buffets

As the industry moves toward 'metered' broadband plans, hard-core users will feel the hurt.


The crowdfunding caveat: Most campaigns fail

For the minority of crowdfunded ventures that get financed, raising money is only the beginning.

App dev jobs

How to outsource your app development

Working with outside contractors can be challenging. Here’s how to get great results from freelance developers and hired agencies.

App developer

How to make an app for your small business

With attention to process and preparation, you can take your dev projects into your own hands.

Gamification: Using play to motivate employees and engage customers

Turning business goals into games, with points and prizes, can boost results—if you do it right.

Build your own mobile apps

DIY dev: should you build your own app?

For businesses with the right talent and resources, developing your own apps can offer huge advantages. But it’s not for everybody.

Hackers put a bull's-eye on small business

After years of warnings from every level of the IT sector, small companies still are not getting the message: Get serious about security before you lose everything.