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Ryan Whitwam is a freelance science and technology writer based out of Saint Paul, Minnesota. Among other sites, he's written for Android Police, ExtremeTech and Tested.

android n missing features main

5 missing features we wish were in Android 7.0 Nougat

Android is better than ever, but it's still not perfect. These are the things we wish were included in the latest release.

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chromebook games primary

The best Android games for your Chromebook

Now that Chromebooks can run Android apps, its time to load up on some games. But which ones play best on a laptop?

chromebook android apps primary

10 must-have Android apps to make your Chromebook more useful

With Chromebooks gaining access to Android apps, these should be the first you grab from the Play Store.

chrome android tips primary

Five tips to soup up Chrome for Android

Google's browser had a lot to offer if you know where to look.

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google keyboard tips main

5 awesome Google Keyboard features you probably don't know about

The best Android keyboard keeps getting better.

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oneplus 3 tips primary

10 tips to make your OnePlus 3 the best phone it can be

A more fulfilling OnePlus 3 experience is just a few steps away.

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must have wear main

10 must-have apps for your Android Wear watch

Your smartwatch isn't complete until you've got these apps.

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google nearby primary

How Google Nearby works, and how you can take advantage of it

Google makes it easy for your phone to link with other phones in close proximity, but not many apps make use of the feature.

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htc 10 tips primary

15 tips and tricks to get the most from your HTC 10

Make it the best phone it can be by making it yours.

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google keep tips main

5 awesome Google Keep features you aren't using, but should be

Google Keep is more capable than you probably realize.

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lg g5 tips main

15 tips and tricks to get the most from your LG G5

This great phone gets even better when you customize it to your liking.

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clipboard apps copy main

Power up your Android clipboard with these four awesome apps

It's time for you to have the amazing clipboard powers you never knew you needed.

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galaxy s7 tips gs7 main

20 tips and tricks to get the most from your Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge

That powerful new phone isn't truly yours until you customize it!

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adoptable storage primary

Adoptable storage in Android 6.0: What it is, how it works

Google is no longer treating microSD cards like second-class storage.

share large files android primary

The best ways to share large files on Android

Got a file that's too big for email? No problem!