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Social media use climbs; one-fifth of the world joins in

About one in five people around the globe use a social networking site at least once a month, and that number is expected to grow significantly over the next several years, according to eMarketer.


Teens are still poking around on Facebook, COO Sandberg says

Facebook executive Sheryl Sandberg said rumors that the social media company is falling out of favor with teenagers have been greatly exaggerated.

google hangouts

Google+ climbs in the polls

Google announced a number of enhancements to its social media platform Google+ and said the number of monthly active users on Google+ jumped from 390 million in May to 540 million users now.

Google's acquisition of Flutter may pair its tech with Glass

With its acquisition of gesture-recognition company Flutter, Google may be looking to beef up Google Glass and its Android products while also looking to win over the hearts and minds of Apple iPhone users.


Bendable, stretchable phones may be the next innovation

UCLA researchers report they have created a light-emitting electronic display that can be stretched, folded, and twisted while remaining lit and snapping back into its original shape.

China may ease up on Internet censorship in limited regions

The Chinese government may be about to ease up on its policy of censoring its citizens.


NASA beefs up commercial efforts with Wednesday demo launch

A planned Wednesday demonstration launch of a cargo spacecraft could help double the number of companies that NASA has on tap to supply the International Space Station.

Black Hole

NASA's NuSTAR telescope detects images of 10 'supermassive' black holes

NASA's black-hole-hunting spacecraft NuSTAR hit its first major milestone, detecting 10 "supermassive" black holes.

Google adds voice recognition tools to Google Search

Voice-recognition tools found in Google Now are now available in Google Search.

After a year on Mars, NASA's Curiosity rover changes our view of the solar system

After one year on Mars, the NASA rover Curiosity is changing the way we look at our solar system -- and it may change how we look at ourselves.

Facebook embedded posts good for business

Facebook announced a new program this week that lets websites post public Facebook posts to their sites. And that could be a boon for businesses, says industry analysts.

Artificial intelligence hits preschooler level, study finds

Researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago wanted to know how smart a top artificial intelligence system actually is. So they gave it an IQ test.

Spacecrafts as small as loaves of bread may study deep space

The tiny spacecrafts would be powered by tiny plasma thrusters says engineers at the University of Michigan who are researching the idea and starting a Kickstarter campaign to fund the idea.

Scientists create liquid metal structures with a 3D printer

University scientists have developed a way to use 3D printing to create structures and wires made from liquid metal.

Career-limiting Facebook antics to avoid when job-hunting

Now a new Harris Interactive survey reveals what employers look for and what pictures and posts on Facebook could keep a prospective candidate from getting that perfect job.