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social networks

Social nets dominate US users' time online, study reports

Americans spend more time on social networks than other Internet users, according to a study by Experian Marketing Services.

Google upgrades its mobile search

Google moves to keep up with its mobile users, updating search on devices this week.

Facebook's Zuckerberg launches advocacy group on education, immigration

The group will focus on immigration reform that includes both border security and a path to citizenship, along with higher school standards and support for teachers.

Microsoft disses Facebook Home as so 'two years ago'

Microsoft took a big swing at Facebook Friday, calling the social network's new Home launcher an old idea.

google glass

Pick me! Google chooses thousands as Glass 'Explorers'

Google said Wednesday that it will reach out to "several thousand" people through Twitter and its Google+ social network to take part in its Explorer project for trying out its computerized eyewear.

Google+ updates mobile apps for iPhone, Android

Mobile Google+ users should expect to see more prominent features such as +1, a display for your current location and photo enhancements.

google glass

Could Google Glass someday start breakfast or do chores?

Google has filed a patent application for technology that will enable Google Glass to control everyday devices such as coffee makers, home alarm systems, and garage doors.

Second computer glitch stalls NASA's Mars rover

After a computer glitch sidelined NASA's Mars rover Curiosity late last month, another problem has it down again.

google drive logo

Google Drive users cope with Monday morning outage

Google confirmed its Drive service has been down for several hours for a "significant subset of users" who are fretting that they can't get access to their work.

Coming soon: Self-healing chips for smartphones, computers?

Scientists at the California Institute of Technology have taken the next step in the evolution of the computer chip, developing self-healing integrated chips.

Vatican shuts down smartphones, Twitter for conclave

As 115 Roman Catholic cardinals are isolated behind closed doors in the Sistine Chapel to choose a new pope, the historic tradition has focused a lot of attention on modern technology.

What you Like on Facebook could reveal more than you think

Before you "like" a friend's or company's post on Facebook, think twice. A new study shows that your Facebook "likes" may be far more revealing than you ever thought.

NASA conducts Martian tech support to repair Curiosity

A computer problem onboard the Mars rover Curiosity has forced NASA scientists to put the rover into safe mode while they try to bring a backup system online and try to figure out what is wrong with the main computer.

Google's Sergey Brin rips smartphones, shows off Glass

Sergey Brin, Google co-founder and head of the company's Glass project, says the computerized eyeglasses are more masculine than smartphones.