Stephen LawsonSenior U.S. Correspondent, IDG News Service

Stephen Lawson is Senior U.S. Correspondent based in San Francisco.

Why Nest’s Revolv hubs won’t be the last IoT devices knocked offline

Nest will shut down hubs made by Revolv on May 15, rendering the once useful smart-home hubs useless.

20160127 intel superbowl city

Intel's new SSDs are advance scouts for cutting-edge NVMe storage tech

With its latest SSDs, Intel is paving the way for fast, standard NVMe connections in storage systems for both more and less adventurous users.

20120412 emc jeremy burton logo

EMC has locked down ScaleIO with its biggest update yet

EMC has added features to ScaleIO to meet the needs of plus-size customers like banks and telecommunications carriers that are adopting the software-defined storage system.

FCC building in Washington

FCC magic will turn TV channels into mobile signals

A U.S. FCC auction that began late Tuesday should end with some TV channels reassigned to cellular, helping mobile networks cover more ground and cut through walls better than they do now.

20160328 bsquare truck iot illustration

Enterprise IoT rollouts still need outside assistance -- but new software can help

Bsquared is a small player in IoT engineering services, but it's branching out into building IoT infrastructure software. The company says its DataV software stack can make enterprise IoT deployment easier.

20160225 stock mwc ericsson booth security locks

Verizon's breach experts missed one right under their noses

Verizon Enterprise, a bulwark against cyberattacks at many large organizations, has suffered a security breach itself.

20160323 ottawa twisted light speed

Quantum networkers, watch out: Twisting light slows it down

Scientists at the University of Ottawa say twisting light into a corkscrew shape slows it down. Doing this can cut 0.1 percent off the speed of light, a tiny tap of the brakes that nevertheless could create a traffic jam for future networks and even quantum computing.

Huawei at Ceatec 2013

Networked streetlamps are lighting the way to smarter cities

Huawei is getting into networked streetlamps with a system that will let third-party developers add other smart-city capabilities.

20160315 att john donovan ons

AT&T wants the world to see its software for spinning up services

AT&T has revealed details of a software platform that makes it easier for customers to order new services, and the company may release the code as open source for other service providers to use.

pure storage flashblade front chassis

Flash is rocketing into big-data analytics

At one time, all-flash storage arrays were used for a single mission-critical application with a need for speed, usually in big IT shops. Now they're poised to take over many more parts of IT.

20160225 stock mwc ericsson vehicle connectivity display model trucks 2

Enterprise IoT services will get a boost from this buyout

Two companies that help enterprises deploy and manage Internet of Things devices are coming together for broader global reach and scale. Kore Wireless will acquire Wyless for an undisclosed price, the companies announced Wednesday.

Google Data Center

Facebook's open network gear hits the big time at Equinix

Facebook's open networking technology is making inroads into the data center establishment, with global giant Equinix adopting the company's Wedge switch design and an open-source architecture in some of its facilities.


3D Robotics means business with its new enterprise drone system

3D Robotics has teamed up with Sony and Autodesk to build an enterprise drone platform for capturing data about work sites.

20160224 stock mwc internet of things iot sign

Industrial IoT still needs humans -- and user interfaces

General Electric Predix UI system lets enterprises develop user interfaces for applications on the company's Predix cloud platform.