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Stephen Lawson is Senior U.S. Correspondent based in San Francisco.

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Enterprise IoT: A cost-cutter today, a money-maker tomorrow

2016 will be a big year for transitions from the first use of IoT, for internal operations, to the second type that enriches the business as a whole, according to research company Gartner.

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IoT users could win with a new bill in the US Senate

Four US senators have proposed a bill that would call on the Federal Communications Commission to study the need for more spectrum to connect Internet of Things devices.

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5G's moment is now, four years before it's scheduled to arrive

True 5G mobile networks and devices won't be here until 2020. That may seem like a long time to you or me, but for the carriers and network equipment makers at Mobile World Congress, it's time to get cracking.


Apple and the FBI will need to compromise, Cisco's CEO says

Cisco Systems CEO Chuck Robbins gave up a chance to strongly support enterprise mobility partner Apple in its fight with the FBI over iPhone encryption.

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The IoT network rivalry is heating up and going global

San Diego-based Ingenu, one of several companies and industry groups vying to connect things over power-efficient IoT networks, is going global and has licensing deals in China, Australia and other countries.

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IoT's not all futuristic: Industry pioneer Jasper makes more connections

Jasper Technologies is announcing new connected-device partnerships as its acquisition by Cisco comes together.

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IoT's new supergroup will have one code base to rule them all

The Open Connectivity Foundation will introduce a single open-source code base to take the place of the alphabet soup of standards for the Internet of Things.

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What's left of Nokia is in no rush to roll out new phones

Nokia is looking for a licensee to make a phone carrying its brand, but it's not an urgent mission at the mobile network behemoth.

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Next-gen 5G data tech could be done long before 2020

5G mobile technology will start to get defined "in real terms" by the end of this year, Suri said at a press briefing Sunday on the eve of Mobile World Congress.

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Ericsson working with AWS to make carriers more agile

Ericsson and Amazon Web Services are partnering to help service providers use the AWS cloud to quickly roll out and expand services in areas like the Internet of Things.

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Another IoT group? OCF may really be the one to make it all work

Major companies in the Internet of Things have formed the Open Connectivity Foundation, a group that could have the critical mass to make all embedded devices in homes and companies talk to each other.

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Ruckus says OpenG can make LTE work better indoors

Ruckus Wireless wants to become an LTE network vendor, supplying gear for indoor networks that could belong to a service provider, an enterprise or a building owner.

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The hottest item at Mobile World Congress won't be for sale

In Barcelona, you really can buy happiness. (It's called Iberico, a delicious Spanish ham.) But you can't buy unlicensed spectrum, and yet it's going to be the hottest thing at Mobile World Congress next week.

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LTE shows it can slim down like the cool kids for IoT

On Tuesday, cellular chip maker Sequans Communications announced what it called the first chip for LTE Category M, an emerging LTE variant for low-power IoT gear like utility meters, factory sensors and wearables.

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Qualcomm's new LTE modem hits a gigabit and touches the future of mobile

Qualcomm's Snapdragon X16 LTE Modem, coming to devices in the second half of this year, is the company's first chip for both forms of unlicensed LTE, the technology for putting cellular signals on frequencies like those used by Wi-Fi.