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Zotero screenshot

Review: Zotero makes research easier, faster, more robust

Cross-platform tool Zotero integrates with major browsers and office suites to help you collect, organize, and properly cite your research for papers.

SyndiFeed grid view screenshot

Review: SyndiFeed brings a personal touch to RSS reading, but needs more features

SyndiFeed is a very simple RSS reader with a limited number of features. Its pretty interface and responsive developer could make it a worthwhile Google Reader alternative.

Review: Nextly brings together the best of RSS, social networks, and Web browsing

RSS is a convenient way to read your feeds, but more often than not, it truncates articles, forcing you to read on the actual website. Nextly skips that problem with grace, creating full-website streams that are easily browsable.

Review: Dashlane is a robust password manager with a gorgeous interface

Dashlane is an powerful and flexible password manager for every level of experience that's also useful for form-filling, expense tracking, and more.

Review: SproutSocial, a social management dashboard you'll truly enjoy using

SproutSocial is a beautiful social dashboard full of useful features that is not cheap to use, but is bound to change the way you manage your social media and branding.

Review: Minitube brings the YouTube experience at its best to your desktop

Minitube is a well-designed YouTube app that makes it easy to watch interesting videos quickly and continuously, with a viewing experience that's even better than get from YouTube's Web interface.

Review: Inky is a half-baked yet delicious email client for your PC desktop

Inky is a different take on desktop email clients, with multiple-user support, sophisticated sorting capabilities, and a flexible interface. It still has some bugs to smooth out.

Review: AllDup is a free and flexible way get rid of duplicate files

AllDup is free software to find and get rid of duplicate files on your PC. It offers a myriad of useful options and settings, but these are arranged in a cluttered and confusing interface.

Review: Tweetro+ is a perfect mash-up between Twitter and Modern interface

Tweetro+ is a touch-optimized Twitter client for Windows 8's Modern interface that manages to make the best of a controversial platform and deliver the goods.

Review: PDF Stacks organizes large amounts of PDFs into an email-like interface

PDF Stacks makes it very easy to find anything within your PDF collection. It will not, however, replace your PDF reader and other research tools.

Review: Get your writing done with Yarny, a cloud-based, distraction-free writing environment

Yarny is a cloud-based writing environment that helps reach your writing goals with useful organization tools, a distraction-free editor, and various publishing options.

Crisp up your desktop with a window manager utility

Too many open windows, and suddenly your desktop's a disaster. We review five programs that can organize your windows in a snap.

Review: Actual Window Manager 7.5 is packed full of features

With literally thousands of features, Actual Window Manager can fulfill all your window-management wishes. You just have to be willing to spend some time and $50 to get there. Divided into 9 different tabs, Actual Window Manager offers everything from specific window settings, a customized set of title bar buttons, and a configurable desktop grid for dragging and snapping windows, to dozens of keyboard shortcuts, window mirrors, virtual desktops, and to top it all off, a flexible Start-menu replacement. Unlike most Start-menu replacements out there, Actual Window Manager has the option to add just a Start button, and have the new Windows 8 Starts screen pop out of it, full size or half size. The program supports multiple monitors ably, giving you full control of multiple taskbars and their content, and even going as far as wallpaper setting, resolution controls, and other options you would normally control through Windows's native settings. Actual Window Manager includes more options than I could use in a year, and the confusing interface doesn't make these easier to discover, but you can rest assured: It's all there. All you need is the will to spend $50, the need for such an abundance of features, and the patience to figure them all out. The 60-day free trial could help you there.

Review: Whip windows into shape with WindowSpace's keyboard shortcuts

Chameleon Window Manager is not the only way to achieve exact control over your windows, however. Instead of focusing on a window's behavior when it's opened, WindowSpace grants you the ability to intricately control windows with dozens of customizable keyboard shortcuts. These range from your regular window-snapping and moving windows between monitors, to fine-tuning a window's position on the screen, resizing, rolling up, transparency toggles, and almost anything else you can dream of. Aside from keyboard shortcuts, WindowSpace can enhance each window's title bar with additional context menu items and mouse actions. These, too, are pretty flexible, letting you decide which menu items you want to add, and even how you want them to appear in the context menu. In addition, you can set title-bar buttons such as the close, minimize and maximize to perform new actions when right-clicked or middle-clicked. Unlike most other window managers, WindowSpace takes the focus off simple window-snapping, providing only elementary features in that arena, and instead sets its sights on giving you the best control possible over your windows. In WindowSpace, the Snapping tab is all about your windows' behavior when they're moved next to each other. Will they automatically snap to each other, or will they overlap, making it harder to place them side by side? In other words, WindowSpace makes it easy for you to arrange your windows however you want, but doesn't necessarily do it for you. The program's lack of real interface could be confusing at first, as is the amount of settings you need to read and go through before you can even start setting things up, but if fine-tuned control is what you're looking for, WindowSpace is a solid option. It costs $25 after a 30-day free trial.

Review: Chameleon Window Manager has many features and a few too many bugs

Chameleon Window Manager is powerful, but it's also confusing, cluttered, and inconsistent.