Jon Phillips

Jon is the Editor-in-Chief of PCWorld and TechHive. He's been covering all manner of consumer hardware since 1995.

Touch Cover vs. Type Cover: Empirical test data doesn’t lie!

If you’re going to throw down some cash for Microsoft’s new Surface RT tablet, you absolutely must get either the Touch Cover or Type Cover along with it. But which keyboard offers a better compromise between thinness and performance?
9 years ago

5 ways Windows 8 beats iOS

Navigating Windows 8 involves a steeper learning curve, but you can't dispute the features that Microsoft has absolutely nailed.
9 years ago

Welcome to the beginning of a new PCWorld era

PCWorld has undergone a dramatic transformation. With a new design and razor-sharp focus on the PC universe and Windows ecosystem, we're committed to delivering the news, reviews, how-to content and deep-dive analysis that you require--at home, at work, and on the road.
9 years ago