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Keep all of your communications in one simple web app

Chat, email, and schedule all in one place? It's a dose of Clariti

windows 11 on pcs

Which PCs can upgrade to Windows 11?

Everyone wonders if their PC can upgrade to Windows 11. PC makers including Microsoft, Dell, and Asus, are publishing detailed information.

phyn leak sensor lifestyle 2

Phyn Smart Water Sensor review: This battery-powered sentinel warns of dangerous water leaks

Used alone, it can warn you of leaky pipes, failing appliances, and more. Used in conjunction with the Phyn Plus smart water valve, it will actively protect your home from those threats.


mila bookshelf

Mila air purifier review: Breathe better, and make a fashion statement

This sophisticated air purifier has a refined mobile app to match.


acer predator x35 gaming

HDR gaming on PC: Everything you need to know

Awesome HDR gaming is still difficult to achieve on a Windows PC, but it's not impossible—and the eye-searing visuals are definitely worth it. Here's what to pay attention to.

vilo mesh router

Vilo aims to disrupt the router market with a $20-per-node mesh network system

Vilo's new mesh router system costs just $20 per node, replacing premium Wi-Fi technologies with something a little older but a whole lot less expensive.


windows 11 start menu with search

Windows 11 Build 22000.65 adds search to Start, brings back performance booster

Windows 11 Build 22000.65, has added a search function to the Start menu and added back the missing power/performance slider, referred to as power mode.


Are USB-C cables all the same? We compare $9 and $19 Amazon Basics cables

Why are USB-C cables so expensive? When shopping on Amazon, should you buy a cheap USB-C cable, or a more expensive model? Let's dig in.

2g ryzen 7 10 Ryzen 2

Here are the CPUs that officially can run Windows 11

The lists of AMD and Intel processors supported by Windows 11 come on the heels of the new operating system's much stricter hardware compatibility.

Microsoft Windows security  >  Windows laptop + logo with binary lock and key

The PrintNightmare exploit is so scary, even Windows 7 got an emergency fix (but it's imperfect)

Microsoft took the unusual step of releasing an emergency security patch for the PrintNightmare vulnerability, even for Windows 7—a dead OS.


This 256GB U3 SD card is still at its Prime Day price

Amazon is selling the 256GB Samsung Pro Plus SD card for $30 today.

microsoft windows 11 widgets handson

How to remove the Widgets button from Windows 11

With just a few clicks, you can get rid of the Widgets button (or Search, or the Task View virtual desktops) from Windows 11.


Supercharge your home network with this $55 TP-Link mesh router deal

B&H Photo Video is selling a two-pack of the TP-Link Deco W2400 for $55.


wifi extender primary

How to set up a Wi-Fi extender

Setting up a Wi-Fi extender isn't difficult, but there are some tips and tricks you need to know for maximum performance. We walk you through the entire process.

windows 11 on pcs

Mandatory Microsoft accounts for Windows 11 Home might be a good thing

Windows 11 Home will require a Microsoft account to install, a move that rankles users who prefer to use a local account. But maybe it's actually a good idea.