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Windows 11 FAQ: Answers to your most burning Windows 11 questions

Here's everything you need to know about Windows 11: when it will arrive, what it will cost, and what new features it will add.

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Chromebooks versus Windows laptops: Which should you buy?

Should you buy a Chromebook or a Windows laptop? They're similar in some ways, but fundamentally different in others. This guide will help you decide.

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Unpatched Office attack reminds us: Don't click on risky docs

Microsoft has confirmed an Office vulnerability that can be triggered if you click on an untrusted Office document.


Immerse yourself in Samsung's 34-inch ultrawide monitor for $279

Walmart is selling a Samsung 34-inch 3440-by-1440 resolution display for $40 to $70 cheaper than elsewhere.

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11 ways to open Command Prompt in Windows

If you want to execute a task from the command line in Windows, you first have to open Command Prompt. Here are 11 ways to do that.

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Lenovo's first Windows 11 laptops run on Ryzen

Lenovo's new IdeaPad laptops pair sexy OLED panels with Windows 11.


Smarten up your door with Eufy's Keyless Entry Lock for $95

Amazon is selling the Eufy Security Keyless Entry Door Lock for $95, its all-time low price.


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Windows 11 superguide: News, tips, reviews and more

Windows 11 is the name of Microsoft's next operating system. We've listed our Windows 11 news, hands-on, reviews, tips, FAQs and guides on this page.

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Want Windows 11? Your PC better have these specs

Windows 11 comes with new, stricter hardware requirements: more memory, more storage, and a Trusted Platform Module, or TPM. What does all this mean? We explain.

ADATA DDR5 module

What is DDR5? The PC's next-gen memory, explained

Is DDR5 more future proof? Is it faster? And what about DDR5's latency? We answer those questions and more.

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PCWorld is hiring! Apply to join our editorial team today

PCWorld has two job openings: Staff Writer and Associate Editor. That's right, we’ll actually pay you to play with PC hardware and software. Here's how to apply.