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valve artifact

This week in games: Valve's finally releasing a game again, Yakuza 6 might come to PC

Plus: Logitech acquires microphone maker Blue, Lords of the Fallen 2 restarts development from scratch, and a World of Warcraft bug deletes players' quest logs. Ouch. This is gaming news for July 30 to August 3.

PCWorld on Twitch

PCWorld is streaming Fortnite on Twitch!

Join Adam and Leif as they play Fortnite on a Maingear F131

graphics cards

Get great graphics cards for cheap in Newegg's GPU sales blitz

Get a GTX 1080 or 1070 for under $450, an RX 580 for less than $250, or an RX 560 for $100 at Newegg right now.

linux games primary resized

35 great PC games for Linux

The arrival of Steam has lured hordes of big-name games to Linux PCs. Here are some of the best Linux PC games you can play today.

madden nfl 19 screenshot 2018.07.31

Playing Madden 19 on PC feels so damned good

After a decade-long hiatus, the NFL returns to PCs in Madden 19, and it's the definitive way to play despite showing some console roots.

artifact 2

Artifact, Valve's first new PC game in 5 years, gets a price and release date

Valve returns to game publishing with Artifact, a mash-up of Dota 2 and Magic: The Gathering. Now we know when we can play it.

origin pc eon15 s

Origin PC's new EON15-S crams Core i9 into a 3.4-pound gaming laptop

The Origin EON15-S and EVO17-S are lightweight for gaming laptops but still support Intel's 6-core monster.

nvidia geforce

New GeForce graphics cards inbound? Nvidia teases Gamescom event with 'spectacular surprises'

Are new GeForce GPUs almost here? Nvidia announces a "Gaming Celebration" event for Gamescom on the same day a presentation on "Nvidia’s Next Generation Mainstream GPU" is scheduled for Hot Chips.

origin access premier

Origin Access Premier launches: Get full access to every EA PC game for $15 per month

Origin Access Premier gives PC gamers full access to every EA game, five days before games officially launch.

7 boss asks for the impossible steam coming out of womans ears angry blow a gasket

How to stop Steam's Chat and Friends list from automatically opening

The new Steam Chat is great, but it annoyingly opens every time you open Steam. Here's how to stop it.

Forza Motorsport 7

This week in games: Forza 7 removes loot boxes, Forsaken remastered, and Nintendo sues ROM sites

Plus Reaper's shotgun gets Nerfed (literally), Sunless Skies and Ion Maiden slip to 2019, and a Steel Division sequel is announced. This is gaming news for July 23 to 27.


Get Conan Exiles and a platformer we love with many more games in the $12 Humble Monthly Bundle

The August Humble Monthly subscription bundle features Conan Exiles, The Escapists 2, A Hat in Time, and more for just $12.

cuphead primary

15 great games you can play on laptops and low-end PCs

No graphics card? No problem. These great games run on pretty much any PC or laptop.

The Banner Saga 3

The Banner Saga 3 review: A fitting end to a long journey

The Banner Saga 3 is a fitting end to a very long journey, finally tying up four year's worth of loose ends and doing justice to its characters.

new steam chat

Why the new Steam Chat won't woo PC gamers away from Discord

Valve's new Steam Chat is a massive improvement, but compared to Discord, its weakness is right in its name.