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Everything You Wanted to Know About IE9 But Didn't Know Where to Ask

For more than 10 weeks, I've been shining a light on the brilliant work of many talented Web designers and developers who have embraced the challenge of producing cool, cutting-edge, and beautiful Web sites using new technologies such...


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Simply Amazing

Web designers have always been acutely aware of the limitations of their medium: slow modems have limited the size and number of graphics used on web sites, and designers even once had to limit their graphics to a “web-safe palette”...


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All Tangled Up

While Flash has long been the primary tool used by professional game developers to create online games, HTML5 opens up game development to web developers.


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Dangerously Addictive

The 10K Apart contest mentioned here with increasing frequency has spawned a really impressive number of beautifully-executed HTML5 games.


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If You Thought Tetris Was Addictive…

When a Russian computer engineer unleashed Tetris on the world in 1984, he couldn’t have known how addictive the game would prove, or how many billions of dollars in lost productivity it would cost worldwide.


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Easy Rider

In today’s world of increasingly complex Web sites that use increasingly powerful code to build slick interfaces, there’s something quite refreshing about Canvas Rider.


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Towering Above the Rest

FrozenDEFENCE is an attractively designed tower defense game that builds on the power of the HTML5 Canvas element.


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It’s 1980 All Over Again

The holidays are upon us, and we all know what that means: More time for gaming! And so games will be my main focus for the next week.


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Create Your Own Universe

A particle system is a computer graphics model for convincingly simulating fluid or fuzzy objects such as flame, smoke, water bubbles, and the like.


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Great Awakening

You are a sort of modern-day Rip Van Winkle. You’ve been in a state of suspended animation for forty-two years. And someone named Frank has been waiting for you to awake.


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Fun with Brains

The editorial team at Scientific American, the leading popular science magazine, teamed up with the Baltimore-based digital firm R2integrated to develop a site that is an informative and entertaining resource for exploring the human...


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Discovering Better Videos at Myspace

One of the very first social networking sites, Myspace has evolved over the years into one of the Web’s top sites for discovering and enjoying media, from music to photos and games to video.


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Elegant Minimalism

Back in early November, I covered the 10K Apart contest, which challenged Web developers to build rich Web pages as economically as possible.


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Reading a Web Magazine

The online how-to guide eHow, a rich resource of instructional texts and videos, has been exploring all the ways that Internet Explorer 9 makes content more functional, videos more watchable, and the site more beautiful.


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FlowerOscope, created by the Parisian advertising agency La Surprise, is an absolutely beautiful and enchanting emulation of the classic kaleidoscope toy.


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Graphics Capacity

If you’ve been reading this blog, then you’ve been hearing a lot about a piece of hardware known as the Graphics Processing Unit, or GPU.


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Puppet Showtime

If you enjoyed Fly a Kite, which I covered back in October, I’m sure you’ll be equally charmed by Chinese Shadow Play.


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Industrial Chic

Even the grandest of institutions usually has a humble beginning. The ZKM (Center for Arts and Media, or Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie) in Karlsruhe, Germany, takes the time to explore its history and how it came to occupy...


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Join the Parade

If you grew up playing with Colorforms (those vinyl cutouts you’d stick on a cartoon figure) or with Mr. Potato Head, then prepare yourself for a nostalgia trip.


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Katrina’s Aftermath

With Five Years Later: Hurricane Katrina, USA Today has created a documentary experience that traces the great Gulf Coast disaster from its origins to the present.


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