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Apple iPhone 3GS vs. Palm Pre: In Real Life

What's it like using the Apple iPhone 3Gs and Palm Pre after a two week test drive under everyday use? Read a head-to-head review that tries to keep it real.


Sexy iPhone App Funds a Startup

The true story of how one goofball iPhone app saved a company and funded a new MMO game.


The Goofiest Game Gear Ever Made

Take a walk down memory lane with some of the odder game controllers ever conceived.


Goodbye, Comcast (or 'How I Learned to Love the Internet')

As national broadcasters flip the switch on the long-anticipated digital TV upgrade, here's how one nerd is now saving money on his cable bill.


The E3 Digital Photo Scavenger Hunt

Place your orders for random things you'd like to see photos of at E3. Our intrepid reporter will see how many of them he can snag.


Wii Workout Games vs. a Personal Trainer

A professional personal trainer takes on four Wii Workout games to see what works, what doesn't--and who needs to go back to the gym.


Cancel Your Cable, Watch TV on an Xbox

Can one program installed on your PC beat cable providers at their own game? Read one man's personal quest to avoid a crummy digital upgrade box.


Attack of the Zombie Games

There's a pandemic! Zombie games are everywhere! Are there enough good ones to play or has yet another meme jumped the shark? Find out in this week's Casual Friday.


9 Lego Games You’ll Never See

Lego: harmless fun, creative and kid-friendly. But when happens when those blocks go horribly awry? Here are a couple Lego-ish videogames that you’ll never see—but wish you did.


Rhythm Heaven Review

Nintendo creates another great music game for the its DS Handheld. It's quirky, fun and filled with catchy tunes. The only question left: How much rhythm you have?


Galactica Star Finds Geek Love

Battlestar Galactica's Richard Hatch is helping geeks find love--and hopefully a place to create new content.


Confessions of an iPhone Game Maker

Want to make $10,000 a day with iPhone apps? Learn the tricks of the trade from a hobbyist who made good.


Bejeweling for Dollars

Play Bejeweled? Win some cash while doing it.


Games Are Not Art, Are They?

Is there more to life than blowing things up? Get in touch with your artistic side, playing a game about...flowers? PC World Interviews Jenova Chen.


Play Games With Your Resume

Use games to hone marketable skills while blowing off some steam.


7 Stupid Tech Videos

Lighten your mood after a crummy week with these geeky, goofy video clips.


Four Freaky Half-Life 2 Mods

Video games based on Bollywood, mimes, dishwashing, and…corn? This week, play some incredibly odd--and creative--student-made mods for Half-Life 2.


Classic Apple II Games That Inspired Today's Greats

A quick trip through some classic Apple games, how they inspired stuff you're playing now--and how you can play them for free.


The Social Gaming Guide

Want to play a quick online game and maybe make a new friend in the process? Discover fantastic shooting games, multiplayer desktop tower defense, and other cool casual games--all in your browser.


The Best New War Games

Ready to become an armchair general? This week, get a tour of several virtual warfronts. We'll help you pick the right battlegrounds for the holidays.


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