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Will Vista Have Its Day?

Readers debate whether Windows Vista will succeed in winning over users, trade Web tricks, and slam Comcast's broadband caps.


E-Mail Hoaxes, XP Buyers, and Symantec's Buy

Readers discuss crazy hoaxes, why XP is still popular, and what Symantec's purchase of PC Tools means.


Tech on the Big Screen and the Small

Readers discuss computers in the movies, technology in the Olympics, and goofy e-mail addresses.


Apple iTunes, ID Theft, and Free Speech on the Web

Readers add to our iTunes 'hate list,' discuss identity theft, and debate First Amendment issues.


End of Windows, Gas Crisis Scams, Laptop Seizures

Readers discuss Microsoft's cloud computing project, possible gas crisis scams, and laptop search and seizure policies.


New Search Site, Vista Redux, Guitar Hero Preview

Readers try out a search engine named Cuil, debate whether Vista deserves a second chance, and mull over Guitar Hero's song list.


Printer Ink, Prohibitions, and a 108-Inch LCD

This week our readers are all over the map, weighing in on printer ink, Sony's 108-inch LCD, and the FCC's probable action against Comcast.


iPhone Madness--Plus Great Keyboards

Readers discuss the pros and cons of Apple's iPhone 3G, and gush over their favorite PC keyboards.


Gripes: Vista, iPhones in Canada, Cell Phone Laws

Readers rail against Windows Vista (as usual), iPhone pricing in Canada, and cell phone laws in California.


Windows XP, Vista--and Windows 7?

Readers debate merits of XP and Vista, and speculate on Microsoft's upcoming Windows 7.


Blu-ray's Future, PC in a Pocket, FAA vs. Batteries

Readers discuss Blu-ray's longterm prognosis, uses for USB thumbdrives, and FAA rules on laptop batteries.


Controversies Abound: Warner and Blu-ray; Intel and OLPC

Our readers discuss Warner's announcement that it's backing Blu-ray Disc, Intel's resignation from One Laptop Per Child board.


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