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Three Painless Ways to Get Photos Off Your iPhone

Stop emailing photos to yourself. Here are three ways to automate photo syncing with your PC.


How to Tether Cameras, Make Star Trails on a Mac, Learn RAW Workflows, and More

Dave answers questions about improving digital workflow, adding polarizing filters to a point-and-shoot camera, camera tethering, and more.


Take a Great Photo Every Time: A Preflight Checklist

Check these 10 settings to ensure your camera isn’t about to take a terrible photo.


Tips for Photographing Birds

You can capture sharp and interesting photos of feathered friends with these tips.


How to Resize Photos Easily

Here's a handy tool that automatically resizes photos to your preferred dimensions.


Improve Black-and-White Photos, Obtain Ideal Scanner Settings, and More

Dave answers questions about adjusting vintage black-and-white photos, setting a scanner to shoot slides and negatives, correcting perspective distortion, and other topics.


5 Things You Need to Know About Cropping

One of your photo editor's most common tools has a lot of hidden power. Here's how to use it for the best results.


Create Beautiful Star-Trail Photos With Almost Any Camera

Armed with manual exposure controls and a tripod, you can take stunning night photos.


How to Take Better Photos With Your Phone

Here are four great tips for capturing better-quality photos with your smartphone's camera.


Make White Backgrounds White, Shoot a Wedding, Photos in Court, Best Time to Sharpen, and More

Dave answers questions about unexpected spots in flash photos, detecting foul play with the date stamp, digital workflow, and more.


Use Clone and Healing Tools to Clean Up Photos

Here's how to remove unwanted elements from your photos with a pair of simple tools.


Mastering Your Camera's Many Exposure Modes

Learn when you should take your camera out of Auto mode--and where you should put it.


Use the Aperture to Control the Background in a Photo

Your camera's aperture setting gives you creative control over the look and feel of your photos--learn how to use it properly.


Scanning Negatives, Shooting the Moon, Fixing the Colors in a Photo

Dave answers questions about white balance, shooting action photos, scanning old negatives, and more.


5 Steps for Great Action Photos

Freeze the action, but blur the background with panning--a professional technique for awesome photos.


Tricks for Photographing Flowers

Tricks for Photographing Flowers

It's springtime--here's how to take some beautiful snapshots of blooming flowers.


5 Essential iOS Apps for Photographers

The latest crop of photo and camera apps for the Apple iPhone are awesome.


Choosing the Right Shutter Speed

Here's how to pick the right shutter speed for every photographic situation.


Taking Photos of Firefighters, Moving the Flash Off-Camera, Resizing vs. Cropping

Dave answers questions about dealing with nighttime reflections, photo quality when emailing, recovering lost photos, and more.


Make a Radiant Portrait

Use your image editor to turn an ordinary portrait into one that pops--in just 5 minutes.


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