How new PCs can result in a smarter, more agile small business

For small businesses (SMBs) the margins between success and failure are tiny. So, it’s vital to do everything possible to maximise employee performance and minimise costs, and this is where the company’s choice of business technology plays a pivotal role.

Yet research has continually shown that many SMBs are slow to move to modern PCs, even though such a PC Refresh – the act of regularly upgrading computers being used in the organisation -- enables them to cut bottom-line costs and improve productivity.

A 2014 study by Techaisle [1] found that 36% of SMBs had PCs that were four years or older, which resulted in application and system performance issues, malware attacks and connectivity issues for many of the respondents. This, in turn, had a direct impact on diminishing productivity and employee satisfaction.

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How PC refresh is improving employee productivity in Japan

Long hours at work and the demographics of an aging population mean small businesses in Japan face extra pressures over and above the common pain points of cutting costs, increasing revenue and retaining high quality staff, even though the country is enjoying its longest period of economic growth since the 1990s.

That growth looks set to continue with exports, consumer spending and business confidence all rising - making this a good time to make sure your business is in the best position to handle challenges, and take advantage of new opportunities.

But the on-going Work-Style Reform means you must plan for changes in working hours as well as how and where employees do their jobs. Investing in new PCs for your workforce is a smart way to improve productivity and mobility, and doing so without breaking the bank.

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What’s powering your workforce transformation?

The way we work is being transformed by people, process and technology. Business is no longer about sitting in the office, tied to the desktop PC and the phone, but about working where you need to, when you need to, and using the right device for the job.

Cloud and mobile technologies are empowering a new, more flexible approach, where we have the tools and information to be effective whenever, wherever. Put that together with data-driven business intelligence, and we’re seeing waves of innovation opening up new products and services, which in turn are opportunities for businesses of all sizes to grow and prosper.

Yet the same technology and innovation can pose challenges. Disruptive products and services are great news for the start-ups, but a challenge for established companies struggling to compete on customer-experience and price. Businesses in nearly every market face tough competition from rivals powered by these new forms of IT, with mobile technology, data analytics and the cloud at the forefront, and machine learning and artificial intelligence on the approaching horizon.

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